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Video PPC Landing Pages and How They Work for My Local Clients in Pest Control

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Mike Stewart dot live. And I’m here with another Audio Video Marketing conversation, don’t have an interview this morning, but I want to document something. For my podcast, I want to document something for my YouTube channel. And the way I do it is with my dot live secrets concept. And by the way, this show is always brought to you all, by all the different links at Mike Stewart dot live, we’re definitely brought to you by domains you control and dot live secrets, basically, the ability for people to go live and repurpose, you know, my whole concept is go live and repurpose and archive it. So anyway, I’m gonna get right into what I’m gonna be talking about. I’ve got a couple of trainings that I’m working on this quarter, one of them will be virtual event template COMM And then PPC video Now PPC video ads calm is basically what I’m going to be talking about today. It’s a process I’ve been doing for my local Pest Control customers, but you know what it applies to anybody using video conversion, and using paid advertising now, you know, one of the things you obviously can do is you can do paid advertising, and YouTube, you can do pre roll ads, you can do placement ads, there’s all kinds of things you can do with video ads in YouTube, but this is kind of a different concept. And so let me share that with you. Um, here it is. And this is kind of the little presentation that I did for my Pest Control agencies. But I want to share it with you this would apply to any group of keywords, doesn’t matter what your business is, it’s driving people to a landing page that has a video. And that page is optimized for a small number of keywords. And of course, you know, basically pay per click advertising. For those of you who don’t know, I want to document this for the folks that don’t know, pay per click advertising is buying phrases of words that people type into Google, or any search engine for that matter, Yahoo Bing, they also pay per click advertising. But you know, in other words, the creative ad is triggered by the search phrase. And there’s only a cost when people click on that ad. That’s why it’s called a pay per click, ad. In other words, they show the ad for free. But when people click on it, then you pay. And that’s why it’s called pay per click. But a landing page is where that particular unique ad goes to. And it doesn’t have to be the homepage of the website. It can be any landing page that you build, that a searcher lands on whether they’re looking on their phone or computer and mostly on phones. And you know, one of the things that when it comes to paid advertising most people put pretend them to you their homepage of their business. But this is kind of a different concept. This is setting to a landing page, you know, not the homepage of the website. But as part of the the website where the business opportunity is. And there’s a targeted headline and sales copy that only that page is optimized for. So like I said, most people when they buy pay per click advertising. They buy a whole lot of key phrases, and they send people to their homepage. And sometimes the homepage doesn’t really fit all the words that they’re buying. So their their response rate sometimes is not as high. And then more importantly, if they’re buying the obvious keywords, like in pest control, the obvious keyword is pest control or exterminator they’re very competitive. This allows you to buy what I call backdoor keyboards. So at any rate, rather than the concept of buying lots and lots of add words or lots and lots of key phrases, two and 300 phrases sometimes people buy etc to your homepage are different approach is buying clicks for small targeted key phrases. You know breaking up your business into search terms that make you money, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a coach


you’re selling an online course. You know how to write a book. How to overcome depression, I mean, you know you can break up the high level of your business into multiple keywords. The example is most people in pest control by Pest Control exterminator. But we get things like ant problems, bedbug problems, we break it down into the what I call backdoor keywords that are less competitive and cheaper to buy. And then of course once again we’re not sending them to a homepage, lots of times people’s beautiful high end, corporate websites, or even some of the internet marketing world’s websites are too. There’s no clarity on what’s going on to those websites. That’s why I like buying targeted keywords and sending them into this hidden landing page. So, you know, in this particular area, especially if you’re not buying national keywords, and this is something you can do with video and marketing for local businesses, because the chiefs are really, clicks are really, really cheap, because it’s targeted traffic. But whatever it is, you find all kinds of campaigns connected to landing pages. The ad is designed for the hidden landing page, the cheaper, more targeted because there’s, they could be shown locally, if you’re doing an Ashley, you’re looking for traffic that’s not as expensive and then sending them to a very optimized landing page. Now, one of the things that we found that has been real helpful in these video landing page concepts is you want to create a headline in the ad that creates curiosity, possibly with a benefit, but ask them to watch the video in the pay per click, we’re telling them up front and the headline, watch our website video, or watch our website or the video online or watch our video. Those kind of keywords are headline phrases, create curiosity, and you’ll probably get higher click through rates because people want to watch as opposed to read. They see an ad like this on their phone says, you know, states, the Curiosity headline, the benefit, and then invite to get more information, watch a video because I don’t want to read anything that can sit here and watch it on their phone or their tablet or the computer. And then this is you know, one of the things that Google AdWords asked where they said, they want you to build on any page, consider what you’re advertising, and are the most relevant page of your website. See, they’re saying that might be your homepage. But a more specific page. I mean, Google’s asking for this. So many people don’t do this. So one of the things when you’re buying Pay Per Click ads, make a dedicated landing page. But add a video to it. That’s where the video marketing comes in. And that’s what we’re doing for our Pest Control customers that we’re getting great results for. And so here’s an example. See, it’s still the website, it could have been the homepage. It’s everything you see at the homepage. But the difference is, it’s a headline to confirm the pay per click. In other words, you’re here because you were concerned about x, watch my video to learn how I can help you that I don’t care what the business is, you could do this for consulting, coaching, trainings, e commerce, you’re here because you were looking for a charcoal grill you were here because you were looking for a sofa, you were here because you were looking to get coaching on how to be a better internet marketer or how to be a better


It doesn’t matter where it is, that read headline confirms that the ad brought them to the right video. And then you take a two minute make a great video that answers the question. I know you’re here because this problem. Another problem is frustrating. And then however, here’s why I’m the solution. Here’s the proof. Now take action. It’s a very simple, it’s an old Dan Kennedy, sales letter techniques problem, agitate solve, call to action. And that’s what you do in the video. And here we have a pest control owner standing in front of his truck with his phone number on his truck. You know, he’s making a relationship. And he’s just talking about and then we do another step further to make this page optimized for the Google Pay Per Click ad campaign. We trans scribe the what was said in the video. So in other words, this video and this text, and this headline makes this page optimized for the one issue in that particular even though he’s pest control, which kills any bug, you know, this is about ants. That’s That’s why the transcription, you know, talks about ants and that makes this page but completely up in us. Now, if you’re a local business and you have local testimonials, we run the Google reviews on the side if you don’t have Google reviews because your ecommerce business, you could put testimonials under the text or you know, listen to watch or read our testimonials. In other words, you want social proof that this particular page will help people convert into action. And then of course, if you build the landing pages in something like WordPress like I do, they’re responsive. They they work on cell phones and in the case of local businesses, we put a tap to call option on the page making it really easy that when people are looking at this page watching this video, landing page on their phone, they’re one finger tap away from contacting and scheduling business or spending money. And then one of the things that I do in my business is I, since it is a video, I always end the videos with a search term jangle. I’m a huge supporter, we’re using audio and video to market SERP term jangles are in planning in the market, wherever your market is into your key phrase market. Something about your business, but the words that guarantee that you get found. If you you know, if you notice my jingle that I start with, with my podcast and my live stream here, Mike Stewart dot law those four words, those four words, I’m number one in Google, I dominate Google, those are my search terms search engine results page. So every pay per click lead is left hearing the search terms even if they don’t do business, they may remember the future how to Google you and find you. And they may remember your phone number if you want to do that. So this is my video page. template that I tell my Pest Control customers think and you know, you you would substitute this, you’re selling solutions to problems. Think of many as many profitable problems you solve, whether it’s for your business or your clients business. What you know if the only problem you solve is one thing, you’re missing the backdoor keywords opportunity. That’s why we take the broad scope, key phrase of pest control we break it down into termites, rats, mice, bedbugs, Palmetto bugs, roaches, ticks, scorpions, we even talked about silverfish. That mean, there’s so many bugs that a bug guy gets rid of. So if you’re a coach, own particular consulting world, you know, what are the problems you solve, and each one of those problems can become a landing page. And here’s the template I tell my clients, welcome. My name is I know you have a problem of x. And that’s why you’re at this video. State the problem, you’re having a problem writing a book, you’re having a problem making a great podcast, you’re having a problem, whatever the problem is, and you’re frustrated, because you’re wasting time you’re wasting money and you’re not making progress that’s agitate the problem. And then you explain how your solution is worth the money and why you’re better than competition and how you guaranteed solve problem. And then you have a call to action. And it’s easy to say and call us now click the buy button below. And then of course, if you enter the coupon code, you can save 5% or tell us when you call us you saw this ad that’s a tracking mechanism. But anyway, that is my video page template. And by the way, I’ll put these slides up at Mike Stewart dot live. So if anybody wants to download these slides, you have have this template. And I could play I

could play this video, but I’m not going to I’m going to put a link to it in the podcast. But you know, what you want to do is you want to create a tracking system to measure Google AdWords has a phone tracking system that you can use for free, where you can buy a phone tracking, or course you want to use conversion tracking in Google AdWords, you know, by putting some code on your website so that you can track your conversion. But you know, always hard before you can improve something you don’t track. And then of course, what happens is, is that when you build a campaign that is this target, you can test unlimited campaigns for very little money. This is what we’re doing with all of our clients. We’re building multiple video landing pages with multiple campaigns based on different problems. And there’s no limit to how many of these you can test. And if they’re working and making money, you pour more ad word money into it or buy more ads, you place the ads in different places. But these landing pages that are optimized with video is are making huge differences. So that is a quick overview of my concept, which is going to be I’m going to build a course on it. It’s going to be at PPC video ads right now if you’ve go to that web address right now, it’s going to redirect to a mike Stewart dot live. But that is going to be the future place where I’m going to go in depth on how I build these things and and how they’re working in and the results that we’re getting for our clients. And that you know, there’s my phone number 770-826-3662 if you have any questions I invite people to call me and I’m excited about the future of paper. quick video ads. In other words, rather than running an ad as a pre roll ad, or a optimized ad and just YouTube, I am using the video plage hosting the video, and I’m driving traditional traffic through paid advertising. It could be Facebook advertising, it could be anywhere that you could draw traffic to this landing page, you can get that result. So I’m gonna go here to comments. And Vicki I’m not really sure is, is read more effective and connecting. I make read headlines, because john Reese, who is one of my mentors for many, many years ago tested different colored headlines. And he said years ago that red means stop and read. And the effectiveness of a red headline had higher response rate. And I’ve trusted that for many, many years. So that’s based on testing. Ron john Reese was a testing and traffic testing guru. I mean, john wrote the original product called Traffic Secrets effect, he sold that domain name to Russell brought up recently, who just released a product called Traffic Secrets. But john Reese, if you google john Reese, he is just a master at testing and tracking. And he said read headlines get higher response. So I’ve just always, always believe that always trusted that. Hey, Roger, glad you’re here. How about selling music? I have landing anybody use it from? You know, what are the problems with selling music? Roger, you know, since you and I know the music business so well, music is a is a pastime, music is a luxury. This really works best for people who have necessity problems, like, you know, service businesses, you know, services anywhere from, from business coaching, to haircuts to Brick Lane to construction. You know, we’re working with a company that does concrete floors, people who are looking to improve things, music is you could do this, but you know, to make it profitable is tough and music. We will have some conversation sometime about things that I think that you can do with video landing pages to, you know, that’s why the live streaming, at least live streaming doesn’t cost you anything, and you’re building fans. But yeah, you could sell music, if you build enough fans and more fans, the more profit you have. So if anybody doesn’t have any other questions, I just wanted to, you know, one of the reasons that I do this every month is I go live. But I’m mostly repurposing an archive I in fact, I didn’t even announce this particular episode to my list via email, which is one of the ways I get higher numbers on the live, it’s almost not as important to be live

as it is to just you know, make sure you go live. I mean, one of the things about going live every month, it’s forcing me to be consistent with my podcast to be consistent with my YouTube channel. It’s content marketing, and it’s it’s fun, and it’s easy. And that’s why I do it. So and I teach that at DOT live secrets. Let’s see, we might have another Okay, no problem, Roger. So, with all that being said, This is today’s episode, be sure to check out if you need if anybody ever needs domains go to domains you control. And then of course, also be on the outlook for virtual event template. Me and my partner how Coleman created a membership site called next level PCL marketing, which was for the pest control industry. But it was a virtual event. And that it’s been one of the most profitable things I’ve done. I made more money in a day than I have in years. And we’re continuing it’s kind of the profitable event that keeps on giving. We keep still having people in our target market, getting in touch with us and doing more and more things with us are getting coaching programs. They’re buying music from me, they’re buying jingles from me. So I’m really excited about these two new programs I’m going to be building this year. And of course if you’re a member, if you’re a member of the mike Stewart everything club you can find the link to that at Mike Stewart dot live you can call me at 770-826-3662 and I appreciate everybody being here today. This has been another episode of Mike Stewart dot live

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