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Music Recording, Distribution with Memphis Guitar Legend Gary Talley of the Box Tops

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Good morning. Good morning, everybody. It’s Mike Stewart with Mike Stewart dot live. Yeah, the the online YouTube podcast television show that’s all about audio and video and music, and just all kinds of fun stuff. But also try to learn a little bit and share some experience. I’m really excited today, because today is about my relationships in Nashville. So I got my national shirt Look, look at that picture on that. There’s a guy in that T shirt there. I’m going to be bringing on here in a minute, I got a lot of fun things I want to talk about. One of the reasons that this show is relevant to internet audio is that the projects I’m doing these days over the internet with recording and audio. And then of course, one of the things that I love about here in Nashville, is the fact that there’s just so many great musicians, so many legendary musicians, people that you know, you get to meet like fact that I had wine, not wine myself, my wife had wine for Mother’s Day at a little place down the street here called the wine down Nashville. Wine boutique, we had a Mother’s Day brunch over there. And and the place is owned by the guitar player. I mean, the bass player of the monkees, the current monkees band, I mean, that’s the kind of crazy things that you see here in Nashville that that I don’t think you see anywhere else in the world. Well, I want to tell you a quick little story. And one of the reasons you know, those of you that know me,

I am passionate about music. You know, it’s one of the reasons I have my over here. You can see it over here and get my hands right here. And I can’t I can’t get my hand. There it is over there. My gold record hanging on the wall. But I was part of the pack man. A lot of people know as part of Pac Man fever. And you know, what got me back into music is my internet marketing friend that a lot of you guys know, Armand Morin. We created a project years ago called Michael E. Austin. And we took in 2006 that record to number one in Billboard magazine, with nothing more than internet. So that really brought me back to my passion of music, even though I did music years ago. And years and years ago, I’ll tell you the year was 1976. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. And I got into a band that was playing local hotels, and the sax player

got a guitar player. And we rehearsed. And I mean, I was blown away by this guy. This guy was just one of the most incredible guitar players I’ve ever heard before. I’ve never worked with anybody that good before. And he was just so humble and so sweet. And so good to us guys. And such a good friend. And this is 19 I think 1977 or 78, somewhere in there many many years ago. And we went over to his house to take pictures for the band. I wish I had a copy one of those pictures of last long since lost it. And I went in his house. And there were gold records like a like that. I went over there exactly what I’m looking at the mirror I can’t see which way my fingers were. There you go. There we go live records hanging on the wall. And it said this guy was in the Box Tops, the the band that had the hit the letter. And and I asked garius as these name is Gary pally, and I said, Gary, you are a member of the buck stops. And you can remember this was like about 10 years after they’d had their hits. And he said, Yeah, and, and I said, Oh my gosh, wow, what a history. So we became friends. And it was so good for us to play in the back Box Tops had long since disbanded. And Gary had moved from Memphis, to Atlanta. And so we got to be friends. And then things happen, time went on. And then back in around 1980 or 81, Gary moved to Nashville, and I stayed in Atlanta, and we went all these years. And you know, you just lose touch with people. Um, but at the same time, when I moved here to Nashville, I made a point to reconnect with Gary. And what’s so exciting about that is, you know, that’s what, what kind of the lesson you want to know is, is that when you make relationships, you never know what they can lead to in the future. So always try to do the right thing and, and always try to make friends. So in the process of making friends with Gary.

I said, Hey, I want to put a Beatles band together. Do you know anybody that want to be in my Beatles band is Nashville Beatles jam, calm. I named it basically to have a web address. You go to Nashville, Beatles jam calm, you can see all about us. And I didn’t think Gary would want to do that. But he said yeah, I’ll be in your Beatles band and I went up

Wow, that’s gonna be fun. And of course, that just made the relationship even get stronger. So let me tell you a little bit about Gary. You know, let me show you a picture. Right up there in the right corner, there is the publicity photo of the Box Tops from the 60s, as Gary in the top right hand corner. It’s bill Cunningham, who’s still in the boxtops band. Guess the guy with the glasses. Gary can correct me. That’s Danny. And then Alex Chilton, and john was the keyboard player. And anyway, those were the four original Box Tops. So Gary and Bill are founding members of the Box Tops, fact you can check the box tops out at Box Tops comm fact I encourage you to go to Box Tops calm. Because one of the things that we’ll want you to be aware of is we want you to see the tour schedule, and also stream our music and all the streaming services and, and there’s going to be a lot of things because as as my relationship has grown with these guys, you know, now I am the keyboard player for the boxtops. In fact, here is the the About Us page from boxtops. calm. And you can see there there’s bill Cunningham today, who is the bass bass player, there’s Gary today, guitar and then that’s our manager and guitar player, Rick Levy, and in good old Ron presents, yeah, call him celebrated. Mr. K is a great, amazing drummer who we got to have on the show someday because he’s got lots of awesome stories. And there’s your yours truly Mike Stuart internet audio guy, I’m now playing keyboards with the boxtops. So that’s kind of the intro, we’re gonna talk about some of the projects that are related to the internet. So without any further ado, I want to bring my friend, guitar Memphis hero. And one of the best guys in the whole wide world. That dumb. Here is Gary Talley. Hey, Mike. Hey, Gary,

all the way live from across town. There you are in in your studio. And I’m glad that you’re being a part of my live stream today. And hopefully, we’ll get some more folks on here. We’ve got some folks live right now. And maybe we’ll get a few more and we can take some questions. Let me let me get started here. I mean,

my God, we could take a long time talking about all the places you’ve been and all the places you played and the people you’ve met the projects. Why don’t you tell the folks what you want them to know, right now before I get into some particular questions, because I know things that I think people would know, but you were a young band in Memphis, and I think you were called the dough vales. And the next thing you know, you’re the Box Tops with a top number one, record the letters. Tell us about it. Okay, well, it was the Deerfield like the car. Okay. And

we everybody in Memphis was in a band, it seemed like back in the 60s, and there were lots of bands and

I guess they call them garage bands, cuz we all rehearsed in the garage. That part’s really true.

In fact, in fact, we rehearsed Alec actually at Alex Hilton’s house, and sometimes they bill Cunningham’s garage.

Anyway, when I joined the band, it was the dividuals band.

Alex had just joined the band.

And so our producer, Dan pin was

was hired by chips moment who owned the studio where the dejenne trees had recorded previously, they did keep on dancing, and our manager was their manager.


what happened was

after recording the letter, we couldn’t use the dividends because it was already trademarked. And we had to think of another name. So everybody remembers it a little differently. But all of a sudden, we were the boxtops. And

and we thought, I don’t know who thought of the name even but

I remember thinking, I don’t know if I like that name. That’s kind of weird. And then

our manager would give us these checks, we would get these weekly checks.

Sort of like a per diem, but it was a it was per week.

Anyway, but his name was Roy Mac and it said Roy McElwain doing business as DBA The buck stops. So we figured, oh, he owns the name. He must have trademarked the name. So

anyway, the letter got to be number one, and we thought, Well, I guess it’s not a bad name after after all, you know, we got a number one record so we didn’t, we didn’t worry about it after that.

Anyway, so all the boxtops was was a

That the high point of my life, I guess, because we were, we were touring and we were playing with all the big stars and we met. You know, we met all the big not all of them but all the American stars. Anyway, we didn’t meet all the English stars. We didn’t meet the Beatles and The stones but

but we were, we toured with the Beach Boys and we met Jimi Hendrix and we

toured with the rascals and we played with just about everybody that had records on the charts. In the 60s, the doors, we met the doors played with the doors.

It was pretty amazing. But

that lasted for three years. And then Alex and I quit at the same time in 1970. And then I moved. Shortly I moved to Atlanta, I moved to Atlanta in 71 and started doing studio work, guitar playing and

played on a lot of jingles.

McDonald’s, coke commercials,

Dodge vans, all kinds of stuff.

In fact, I played on that Billie Joe royal thing where he’s up on the mountain doing things go better with Coke.

And some dodge band stuff. Why anyway, a lot of a lot of commercials that you saw on TV and heard on the radio. Anyway.

That’s what I met you in the 70s in Atlanta and

played a lot of gigs and more a lot of played a lot of tuxedo gigs and hotel ballrooms and played auctions out in the country and all every conceivable kind of gig in the world, who had played with some wonderful musicians there. But people weren’t making records in Atlanta. Paul Davis actually was the only one. Starbuck made a record. They did moonlight fields, right. And Paul Davis came out and he recorded in Atlanta, but other than that, people weren’t making records in Atlanta.

So I played in this band called Yikes. And

chips moment, who I knew from back in the Memphis days came to hear us. And William Bell came to hear us and

chips chimps invited us to come to Nashville and record this is in 1980.


so we did, but we didn’t get a record deal from the stuff we did with chips. However, chips asked me to stay in Nashville, he said, I think you’ll make a good record, man. That’s the way he put it. And

and so my wife and I stayed in Nashville and the other guys went back to Atlanta. And I hadn’t been in town but three days when I played on a Tammy wine album,

and then I played on a Willie Nelson and Webb Pierce album and a Billy Joe royal album. And

what came next? I don’t know. I played on Willie and wailings WWE to album and are saying I played on one song and sang backup on Willie’s

always on my mind, which was a monster hit and

and then I played on the road with seemed like every country act that ever existed, you know, in the 80s

Johnny Lee and Shelley West and Bobby bear and Charlie McLean and I, I played with them a lot. And then I did miscellaneous short gigs with

people like Randy Travis and I played with Tim McGraw the first time he was ever on TV. And

just a lot of country artists, I can’t even think of all of them. And it, I added them all up. And it seems like that I’ve played with about 115 major label acts. Wow, that’s between 1967 and now.

And I started teaching guitar A long time ago and I made an instructional video called guitar playing for songwriters in 99.

And that was the first instructional guitar video that would ever been made for songwriters. And

and so teaching guitar is one of my

favorite things to do. It’s not as much fun as playing but when I do like teaching and I want to make playing guitar accessible to more people,

especially reading

Hard people who think they’re too old to learn how to play, or think it’s too hard and you got to have talent in all those myths about playing a musical instrument.

Well, you know, that’s one of the things that brings us around to the internet. I mean, you know, you know, you’re, you’re so humble and so, so amazing. You know, like I said, I remember when, when you said mentioned, William Bell, William Bell, is a Memphis

legend from Stax Records, wrote born under a bad sign and and was a big r&b artist. When I moved to Atlanta in 76, he was on Mercury Records and had a number one record called trying to love to, and being a kid and naive, he was in the yellow pages, and I called him up and he answered the phone. And, and I told him, I was a songwriter. And he said, Well, come on down. Play me your songs. And we’ve been friends ever since. And in fact, I was there at chips a studio with you. You had since been in Yikes. And I think john and john and Jim Mark Marin. Yeah, yeah, I’ve ever, you know, they built a studio that later, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, brought the whole hip hop world to Atlanta, you know, so there’s a lot of famous big time connections to all these relationships. But I was with William and stayed in Atlanta, but I’m ever I was there that day that he brought yikes into chips, a studio. So our paths have crossed so many times.

And then, of course, you know, I had kids and move on. I had a house and a studio and a business in Atlanta. And then a 20 years ago, I was when I got into the internet and and most of the folks that watch or listen to this podcast, or watch this YouTube channel, you know, they know me as the internet audio guy, but I mean, my deep rooted connections go like back with you. Now, I didn’t do all the things that because the Box Tops in Nashville opened up a lot of doors for you. I mean, you know, Sam, more of Sam and Dave, you were, I guess, his music director, guitar player for many, many years. And, and, you know, I was being a Beatles fan here. You got Beatles, Billy Preston was the probably the closest thing to a fifth Beatle that really ever was. And you were his guitar player for many, many years playing with him. Well, I played with him just for about a year. Uh huh. I played with Sam Moore for several years. And actually, I got the job playing with Billy Preston through Sam.

Because they were friends. And

and Bill, I have to say playing with Billy Preston was the highlight of my musical career. I can’t think of anything that could possibly top that. Unless they invited me to join the Beatles or something.

I did you’re just it’s just the Nashville Beatles. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Next to playing in the Nashville Beatles jam join with Billy Preston has been the highlight of my career. Well, you know, a fact there’s going to be a big Let it be. re edit come out for Beatle fans, it’s probably gonna have a lot of Billy Preston in it. So mean, you’ve got to go to that when it comes out.

So any rate?

Let’s talk about I want to talk about in fact, folks, if you’re interested in guitar lessons with Gary, if you want to look at his history, go to Gary

He’s very accessible on Facebook. He loves and in fact, one of the things that we took on this year, Gary is is you using the internet and, and using

audio recording programs to start doing recording projects again. I mean, when you move to Nashville in the 80s, there was no internet, there was no computer, it was all tape, it was all you had to go to a studio or you didn’t record. And nowadays, it’s amazing. I mean, in fact, you know, some of the the new artists, great, a great example is Billy Eilish, it was the biggest one of the biggest Grammy winners for the last couple years, everything they do they do in their bedroom on a Mac computer, you know, with pretty much the same program you use. Um, you know, it’s just, it’s, it’s all about capturing the talent. So, you know, one of the things that I want to talk about is, let’s talk about some of the tools that you’re using to record today. I mean, I use a PC. And there’s lots of great programs for the PC that will let you do multitrack, what’s called multitrack recording and audio, I use magics acid, and there’s also Logic Pro, that works pretty well on the PC. There’s a bunch of problems, but you’re using GarageBand. Now, yeah, how do you feel about using GarageBand these days? It does everything that I needed to do right now I might upgrade to something. I tried using the starter version of Pro Tools and that was just way too complicated for my computer to couldn’t do it and


I’m just using a MacBook Pro and a little focus right interface that’s about that big. And that’s all you need, actually, you know, if you’re doing guitars and and singing, and and basically session work, you can, you know, that’s another thing folks when you want and if you know anybody in the world that wants an authentic Memphis guitar guy who knows Memphis guitar and blues guitar and, and the guitar that was made famous in the Memphis areas of the 60s, you know, Gary Talley, calm his place to go. Now I’m going to show a couple more pictures here and talk about a couple other things. But you know, what, here’s what we’re using. We’re using recording programs over the internet. We’re using audio interfaces, I get most of my equipment course there’s Guitar Center has a lot of this equipment. And then we use Dropbox. If you don’t know what Dropbox is, Dropbox is a great place to where, you know, when I got to do something for Gary, I actually use Google Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox are the same thing. Dropbox is a branded version of file sharing. Google Drive is comes with your Gmail address. And guess what? It’s free. Free is good. So I like free.

But you know, what, what happened is, is we started this Beatles band. And hopefully that made our relationship a little bit better. And last year,

I guess it was during COVID, you know? Well, right before COVID.

There was I planted a little bug in Gary’s ear. I said, Hey, Gary, if you’re keyboard player, they had a really good keyboard player, Barry Walsh. At the time, I said, if if Barry ever needs a gig sub, put me down as one of your alternates, you know, I’ll be glad to be an alternate for the boxtops. Well, the opportunity came up.

There was two or three gigs last January, that Barry could not make. So I got to play with the guys.

And I really enjoyed it. And and then it just it came to the point where the opportunity became for me to be the number one guy. And so I was become the number one call for the box tops. And I’ll take Gary, going out and playing those songs with you guys to an audience that appreciates the songs is that’s the highlight of my music life. I can’t thank you enough for making that happen. But that all happened because of the relationship and also doing a good job. You got to do a good job. And then when COVID hit, you know, you and I are sitting here going well, great. Every one of these shows we had booked has has yet to happen. They’re getting ready to start up in June. But you know, you and I looked at each other and went, Oh, gosh, it all is. We don’t know when it’s coming back. So you and Richard Fleming had this project.

Man fanatic.

And and I said, Gary, what’s what’s meant for that? He said, Well, it’s a it’s a combination of Memphis and Cincinnati is Richard from Cincinnati. Yeah, yeah. So and the songs were just fun and good. And you asked me You said, Do you have a had the ability to put organ on those songs? And I said, Well, I got an old keyboard. But you know, but I think I can I can play the parts. And I’m ever we played them. And you say, well, the parts are good, but the sounds are kind of

the word in music as cheesy. They were cheesy.

And so guess what? I went to ik And I found this amazing. Hammond Oregon

software. I mean, back when you and I were kids, a ham in Oregon wait as much as a car.

And it took up about as much room as three refrigerators. And now it’s completely software. And so I got to play. Hammond B three on the through the roof album by man fanatee which is Gary and Richard. Richard and Gary write songs together. Richard is amazing songwriter so as Gary, but these these guys, you know, are the real deal. And I really felt like a session musician again. You know, you brought back some joy in my life there. And I said, Oh, Gary, why don’t you and I work on a project. And you said well, you know, how would I do that and we got you the equipment and you learn

To use the internet and GarageBand and now, I sit here in my studio and you set your studio and we created

Nash Memphis, I stole your Cincinnati idea. I figured why the heck not. And

I just want you to be aware Is that another way to use the internet is and this is what I helped some on the box tops. But you can put up unlimited music if you’re a writer or musician or a band.

You can stream in all the streaming places like Spotify, Apple Music, amazon music, YouTube Music, really, there are 30 streaming places that people get music. So one of the things that you know, you can see, man, fanatee, Nash, Muse and Nash Memphis, the buck stops, you know, we’re all streamable and in the game is,

the more streams, the more success you have. I mean, when i, you and I were kids, you released 40 fives and get them on radio, and then you would release an album of vinyl of 10 or 12 songs. And that that’s kind of not how it works anymore. You can pay, you know, you can release singles, you can release a new single every day on the streaming services, you don’t do albums anymore. You need to build a library and then bill fan streaming those songs. So the Internet has changed audio, the internet has changed music. I like amazon music, it’s amazing, I can build a playlist of anything I like,

if you know, if you’re a fan of the backstops, or, you know, in my playlist, I got man fanatee, Nash Memphis, the box stuff. And I can turn that on anytime one, and I can see why fans love that. So, you know, we want to share with you that we’re streaming music these days, and that we use the internet, I use a website and I’ll put it up here, if you ever wanted to know how to get music on the internet, and do it and get it everywhere. distro

that’s what Gary and I use to get all of our music up to the world. So just wanting to make you aware of that’s the way to do it. So

when I’d be remiss if I didn’t

play our song, and then we’ll come back and see if anybody has any questions. You got any final thing else that you’d like to add

to this show? Cuz I mean, my goodness, we’re almost at a half an hour mark, you’re gonna have to wind it up in a minute. Anything else you’d like to say? Before we we say get take some questions and say bye. Well, I hope everybody had a good Mother’s Day. Yeah. And

I got to see my mom for the first time in over a year, a couple of weeks ago. And that was great. And my mom’s a great singer, and she’s on my YouTube channel, singing old gospel tunes. And she her version of one day at a time has gone viral.

And so I want to put a plug for my mommy in there. Yes, yeah. Miss Dana. She’s a sweetheart and a half. And you know, you’re blessed to have have such a sweet mom. And to still have her is just a blessing and a half. And I’m just so happy for you that hopefully you can go down to Memphis a few more times and see your mom and as much as you can. We’re gonna have some time here to do all those things. But once again, go out to boxtops calm

and check us out at Nash Memphis comm check us out at Nashville beetles. So here’s what it is. There’s a internet process Gary called the long tail. Now the words, the short tail means you’ve got one thing that you put all your eggs in one basket. But the long tail means you have lots and lots of baskets. And those lots and lots of baskets add up to something good. So we’re doing an internet process by having all these projects and all these bands that were a part of the internet long tail. So here we go. This is Nash And this is our song, the first song that you and I created together and that project. Now we were going to I want us to put up a whole bunch more My goal is to Phil Nash, Memphis and Memphis, unnati and the boxtops, all three of those areas in streaming with as much new music as possible. And it’s an internet press principle. Lots and lots of little things add up to something of value. So here we go. Here’s our plea to our audience.

Stream our songs on Spotify until we can play live again which is going to start in Alaska this June. Go to boxtops calm and look at the tour schedule and hopefully you come out. See us live



Stage American music


live this guy.

No big



Well there you go. There’s our first ever internet produced remote studio

record for fun and to build an audience to that’s Gary on guitars and vocal that’s me on bass and Oregon and keyboards, and that’s the EZ drummer plugin playing drums.

So we did that whole record by ourselves. So we got a couple of little comments here. Roger says I had the same letter when I was 14 in the 60s. Thank you, Roger.

And Tom says Will you be traveling the country soon any Northwest? Well, very Northwest Alaska.

I think Alaska is the most Northwest we got but you can always go to Box Tops COMM And check out the tour schedule. Here’s our good buddy, Steve. Goody Hey, Steve.

And Tom, Ricci Tom, you need to reach out. Tom is on good guys. and he else on chaos. And anytime you want to reach out to Gary, be sure to go to Gary Taubes calm and he will respond to you. So if if that’s all the questions we have, Gary, thank you so much for for being here this morning. This was

fun. You’re welcome. Well, all right. With all that being said, folks, this is my store thought live were brought to you. The sponsors of my show are number one, Mike Stewart dot live if you’ve got any questions, there’s my phone number 770-826-3662. We’ve got to be having a new training coming out this month called Virtual event template, Lee virtual event template calm and another new training called Pay Per Click PPC video ads calm and we stream through stream yard checkout join the stream yard calm and most importantly, that gummit go to Gary Italia calm and take Gary up on all the talent that he has. And until the next time. This is Mike Stewart at Mike Stewart dot live you

Keep making that internet audio and keep making things happen. Talk to you soon.

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Good morning, everybody.


Mike Stewart dot live. And I’m here with another Audio Video Marketing conversation, don’t have an interview this morning, but I want to document something. For my podcast, I want to document something for my YouTube channel. And the way I do it is with my dot live secrets concept. And by the way, this show is always brought to you all, by all the different links at Mike Stewart dot live, we’re definitely brought to you by domains you control and dot live secrets, basically, the ability for people to go live and repurpose, you know, my whole concept is go live and repurpose and archive it. So anyway, I’m gonna get right into what I’m gonna be talking about. I’ve got a couple of trainings that I’m working on this quarter, one of them will be virtual event template COMM And then PPC video Now PPC video ads calm is basically what I’m going to be talking about today. It’s a process I’ve been doing for my local Pest Control customers, but you know what it applies to anybody using video conversion, and using paid advertising now, you know, one of the things you obviously can do is you can do paid advertising, and YouTube, you can do pre roll ads, you can do placement ads, there’s all kinds of things you can do with video ads in YouTube, but this is kind of a different concept. And so let me share that with you. Um, here it is. And this is kind of the little presentation that I did for my Pest Control agencies. But I want to share it with you this would apply to any group of keywords, doesn’t matter what your business is, it’s driving people to a landing page that has a video. And that page is optimized for a small number of keywords. And of course, you know, basically pay per click advertising. For those of you who don’t know, I want to document this for the folks that don’t know, pay per click advertising is buying phrases of words that people type into Google, or any search engine for that matter, Yahoo Bing, they also pay per click advertising. But you know, in other words, the creative ad is triggered by the search phrase. And there’s only a cost when people click on that ad. That’s why it’s called a pay per click, ad. In other words, they show the ad for free. But when people click on it, then you pay. And that’s why it’s called pay per click. But a landing page is where that particular unique ad goes to. And it doesn’t have to be the homepage of the website. It can be any landing page that you build, that a searcher lands on whether they’re looking on their phone or computer and mostly on phones. And you know, one of the things that when it comes to paid advertising most people put pretend them to you their homepage of their business. But this is kind of a different concept. This is setting to a landing page, you know, not the homepage of the website. But as part of the the website where the business opportunity is. And there’s a targeted headline and sales copy that only that page is optimized for. So like I said, most people when they buy pay per click advertising. They buy a whole lot of key phrases, and they send people to their homepage. And sometimes the homepage doesn’t really fit all the words that they’re buying. So their their response rate sometimes is not as high. And then more importantly, if they’re buying the obvious keywords, like in pest control, the obvious keyword is pest control or exterminator they’re very competitive. This allows you to buy what I call backdoor keyboards. So at any rate, rather than the concept of buying lots and lots of add words or lots and lots of key phrases, two and 300 phrases sometimes people buy etc to your homepage are different approach is buying clicks for small targeted key phrases. You know breaking up your business into search terms that make you money, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a coach


you’re selling an online course. You know how to write a book. How to overcome depression, I mean, you know you can break up the high level of your business into multiple keywords. The example is most people in pest control by Pest Control exterminator. But we get things like ant problems, bedbug problems, we break it down into the what I call backdoor keywords that are less competitive and cheaper to buy. And then of course once again we’re not sending them to a homepage, lots of times people’s beautiful high end, corporate websites, or even some of the internet marketing world’s websites are too. There’s no clarity on what’s going on to those websites. That’s why I like buying targeted keywords and sending them into this hidden landing page. So, you know, in this particular area, especially if you’re not buying national keywords, and this is something you can do with video and marketing for local businesses, because the chiefs are really, clicks are really, really cheap, because it’s targeted traffic. But whatever it is, you find all kinds of campaigns connected to landing pages. The ad is designed for the hidden landing page, the cheaper, more targeted because there’s, they could be shown locally, if you’re doing an Ashley, you’re looking for traffic that’s not as expensive and then sending them to a very optimized landing page. Now, one of the things that we found that has been real helpful in these video landing page concepts is you want to create a headline in the ad that creates curiosity, possibly with a benefit, but ask them to watch the video in the pay per click, we’re telling them up front and the headline, watch our website video, or watch our website or the video online or watch our video. Those kind of keywords are headline phrases, create curiosity, and you’ll probably get higher click through rates because people want to watch as opposed to read. They see an ad like this on their phone says, you know, states, the Curiosity headline, the benefit, and then invite to get more information, watch a video because I don’t want to read anything that can sit here and watch it on their phone or their tablet or the computer. And then this is you know, one of the things that Google AdWords asked where they said, they want you to build on any page, consider what you’re advertising, and are the most relevant page of your website. See, they’re saying that might be your homepage. But a more specific page. I mean, Google’s asking for this. So many people don’t do this. So one of the things when you’re buying Pay Per Click ads, make a dedicated landing page. But add a video to it. That’s where the video marketing comes in. And that’s what we’re doing for our Pest Control customers that we’re getting great results for. And so here’s an example. See, it’s still the website, it could have been the homepage. It’s everything you see at the homepage. But the difference is, it’s a headline to confirm the pay per click. In other words, you’re here because you were concerned about x, watch my video to learn how I can help you that I don’t care what the business is, you could do this for consulting, coaching, trainings, e commerce, you’re here because you were looking for a charcoal grill you were here because you were looking for a sofa, you were here because you were looking to get coaching on how to be a better internet marketer or how to be a better


It doesn’t matter where it is, that read headline confirms that the ad brought them to the right video. And then you take a two minute make a great video that answers the question. I know you’re here because this problem. Another problem is frustrating. And then however, here’s why I’m the solution. Here’s the proof. Now take action. It’s a very simple, it’s an old Dan Kennedy, sales letter techniques problem, agitate solve, call to action. And that’s what you do in the video. And here we have a pest control owner standing in front of his truck with his phone number on his truck. You know, he’s making a relationship. And he’s just talking about and then we do another step further to make this page optimized for the Google Pay Per Click ad campaign. We trans scribe the what was said in the video. So in other words, this video and this text, and this headline makes this page optimized for the one issue in that particular even though he’s pest control, which kills any bug, you know, this is about ants. That’s That’s why the transcription, you know, talks about ants and that makes this page but completely up in us. Now, if you’re a local business and you have local testimonials, we run the Google reviews on the side if you don’t have Google reviews because your ecommerce business, you could put testimonials under the text or you know, listen to watch or read our testimonials. In other words, you want social proof that this particular page will help people convert into action. And then of course, if you build the landing pages in something like WordPress like I do, they’re responsive. They they work on cell phones and in the case of local businesses, we put a tap to call option on the page making it really easy that when people are looking at this page watching this video, landing page on their phone, they’re one finger tap away from contacting and scheduling business or spending money. And then one of the things that I do in my business is I, since it is a video, I always end the videos with a search term jangle. I’m a huge supporter, we’re using audio and video to market SERP term jangles are in planning in the market, wherever your market is into your key phrase market. Something about your business, but the words that guarantee that you get found. If you you know, if you notice my jingle that I start with, with my podcast and my live stream here, Mike Stewart dot law those four words, those four words, I’m number one in Google, I dominate Google, those are my search terms search engine results page. So every pay per click lead is left hearing the search terms even if they don’t do business, they may remember the future how to Google you and find you. And they may remember your phone number if you want to do that. So this is my video page. template that I tell my Pest Control customers think and you know, you you would substitute this, you’re selling solutions to problems. Think of many as many profitable problems you solve, whether it’s for your business or your clients business. What you know if the only problem you solve is one thing, you’re missing the backdoor keywords opportunity. That’s why we take the broad scope, key phrase of pest control we break it down into termites, rats, mice, bedbugs, Palmetto bugs, roaches, ticks, scorpions, we even talked about silverfish. That mean, there’s so many bugs that a bug guy gets rid of. So if you’re a coach, own particular consulting world, you know, what are the problems you solve, and each one of those problems can become a landing page. And here’s the template I tell my clients, welcome. My name is I know you have a problem of x. And that’s why you’re at this video. State the problem, you’re having a problem writing a book, you’re having a problem making a great podcast, you’re having a problem, whatever the problem is, and you’re frustrated, because you’re wasting time you’re wasting money and you’re not making progress that’s agitate the problem. And then you explain how your solution is worth the money and why you’re better than competition and how you guaranteed solve problem. And then you have a call to action. And it’s easy to say and call us now click the buy button below. And then of course, if you enter the coupon code, you can save 5% or tell us when you call us you saw this ad that’s a tracking mechanism. But anyway, that is my video page template. And by the way, I’ll put these slides up at Mike Stewart dot live. So if anybody wants to download these slides, you have have this template. And I could play I

could play this video, but I’m not going to I’m going to put a link to it in the podcast. But you know, what you want to do is you want to create a tracking system to measure Google AdWords has a phone tracking system that you can use for free, where you can buy a phone tracking, or course you want to use conversion tracking in Google AdWords, you know, by putting some code on your website so that you can track your conversion. But you know, always hard before you can improve something you don’t track. And then of course, what happens is, is that when you build a campaign that is this target, you can test unlimited campaigns for very little money. This is what we’re doing with all of our clients. We’re building multiple video landing pages with multiple campaigns based on different problems. And there’s no limit to how many of these you can test. And if they’re working and making money, you pour more ad word money into it or buy more ads, you place the ads in different places. But these landing pages that are optimized with video is are making huge differences. So that is a quick overview of my concept, which is going to be I’m going to build a course on it. It’s going to be at PPC video ads right now if you’ve go to that web address right now, it’s going to redirect to a mike Stewart dot live. But that is going to be the future place where I’m going to go in depth on how I build these things and and how they’re working in and the results that we’re getting for our clients. And that you know, there’s my phone number 770-826-3662 if you have any questions I invite people to call me and I’m excited about the future of paper. quick video ads. In other words, rather than running an ad as a pre roll ad, or a optimized ad and just YouTube, I am using the video plage hosting the video, and I’m driving traditional traffic through paid advertising. It could be Facebook advertising, it could be anywhere that you could draw traffic to this landing page, you can get that result. So I’m gonna go here to comments. And Vicki I’m not really sure is, is read more effective and connecting. I make read headlines, because john Reese, who is one of my mentors for many, many years ago tested different colored headlines. And he said years ago that red means stop and read. And the effectiveness of a red headline had higher response rate. And I’ve trusted that for many, many years. So that’s based on testing. Ron john Reese was a testing and traffic testing guru. I mean, john wrote the original product called Traffic Secrets effect, he sold that domain name to Russell brought up recently, who just released a product called Traffic Secrets. But john Reese, if you google john Reese, he is just a master at testing and tracking. And he said read headlines get higher response. So I’ve just always, always believe that always trusted that. Hey, Roger, glad you’re here. How about selling music? I have landing anybody use it from? You know, what are the problems with selling music? Roger, you know, since you and I know the music business so well, music is a is a pastime, music is a luxury. This really works best for people who have necessity problems, like, you know, service businesses, you know, services anywhere from, from business coaching, to haircuts to Brick Lane to construction. You know, we’re working with a company that does concrete floors, people who are looking to improve things, music is you could do this, but you know, to make it profitable is tough and music. We will have some conversation sometime about things that I think that you can do with video landing pages to, you know, that’s why the live streaming, at least live streaming doesn’t cost you anything, and you’re building fans. But yeah, you could sell music, if you build enough fans and more fans, the more profit you have. So if anybody doesn’t have any other questions, I just wanted to, you know, one of the reasons that I do this every month is I go live. But I’m mostly repurposing an archive I in fact, I didn’t even announce this particular episode to my list via email, which is one of the ways I get higher numbers on the live, it’s almost not as important to be live

as it is to just you know, make sure you go live. I mean, one of the things about going live every month, it’s forcing me to be consistent with my podcast to be consistent with my YouTube channel. It’s content marketing, and it’s it’s fun, and it’s easy. And that’s why I do it. So and I teach that at DOT live secrets. Let’s see, we might have another Okay, no problem, Roger. So, with all that being said, This is today’s episode, be sure to check out if you need if anybody ever needs domains go to domains you control. And then of course, also be on the outlook for virtual event template. Me and my partner how Coleman created a membership site called next level PCL marketing, which was for the pest control industry. But it was a virtual event. And that it’s been one of the most profitable things I’ve done. I made more money in a day than I have in years. And we’re continuing it’s kind of the profitable event that keeps on giving. We keep still having people in our target market, getting in touch with us and doing more and more things with us are getting coaching programs. They’re buying music from me, they’re buying jingles from me. So I’m really excited about these two new programs I’m going to be building this year. And of course if you’re a member, if you’re a member of the mike Stewart everything club you can find the link to that at Mike Stewart dot live you can call me at 770-826-3662 and I appreciate everybody being here today. This has been another episode of Mike Stewart dot live

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Virtual Events Using & WordPress


Good morning and welcome, welcome, welcome. It’s Mike Stewart, dot live my I’m Mike Stewart, the internet audio and video guy. And today I want to talk about I don’t have a guest today, but I’m going to do a little presentation about something that, I think is an opportunity that we should all look at. And number one, I’m going to be calling it virtual event The site’s not done, I just bought the domain name and decided on the name. But basically what this is, is this is the ability to create virtual events. And so you know, what is a virtual event, a virtual event is the ability to have presenters is the ability to sell tickets to the event, it’s the ability to do selling, and generate leads have more higher ticket items from an event. It’s like it is an online seminar. That’s exactly what it is. I used to speak at a lot of online seminars. And, you know, because of the pandemic, those things have, have gone to the wayside. So therefore, virtual events are not are they not not virtual or physical live events, you know, have really suffered in the last year. And of course, the world has scrambled to know how to meet virtually that’s why things like zoom, and GoToMeeting and Google meet. And oh, shoot, there’s just all kinds of ways that people have been building the ability for multiple people to get together virtually without, you know, leaving their home through their phones and their computers. And why not? So anyway, I just wanted to document what I’m thinking about. I’d love to have your questions and your feedback. Obviously, if you have any questions, you can submit a question about anything at Mike Stewart dot live, you can actually call my cell phone number 708263662 if you have any questions, but anyway, today’s discussion is going to be about virtual events. And of course, this is the website that’s not built yet as of today. But I plan on working on this over the next couple of weeks. But it’s all based on a little tour I’m going to give you right now. And of course, one of the things that I researched is, you know, what is it that people are looking for, you know, and I thought, is it a virtual seminar? Is it a virtual workshop, you know, well, the term everybody is looking for, is virtual event in a virtual event platforms and companies. And of course, from looking that you can Google that there are all kinds of companies popping up to do virtual and what’s called hybrid events. And, you know, it’s, you know, become very popular because of the pandemic. So anyway, virtual events is the key word. That’s why I named what I’m working on virtual event template, because I’ve built a template and, and I’ll show you what my template does. And what this experience came from Anyway, when I started researching, you know, the way to do this, you know, I heard about a company called hop in, because a stream yard and hop in, you know, is all about being the platform for virtual events. Now, I don’t have anything against hobbyists at all. I think I actually attended their webinar. They’re a great company, they have a great system. But I think it’s a little overkill. And one of the things that that you can make a judgment for yourself. For me, it was a little expensive for what I got. And everybody can’t justify that. In fact, they’re going after a bigger corporate market, you know, you see their business enterprise I want to talk. So once again, I’m not saying this is not a good company, if you have the budget for it, if you’re a corporate, big corporate decision maker doing virtual events, I think this is a great solution. One of the reasons I like copying is it integrates with joint stream yard. And you know, in fact, they’re using stream yard as the presenter law delivery mechanism. So in other words, you can have presenters from all over the world and you can use stream yard to interface with with hop and in fact, I believe hop in bought stream yard is invested money, which means streaming or is only going to get better and better because this is a big corporate client. They have

you know, they’ve been very successful in the last year because This growing need for more and more virtual events. And so, you know, their market is doing fine, and their platform is great. But I said, You know what, I’m gonna figure out how to do this with WordPress. So let me show you what I did on a shoestring budget. Basically, I use things already owned. So the reason I wanted to talk about this is we own my partner how Coleman and I on February 13, of this month, built a domain name, next level PCL marketing. That’s the name of our event. So step one, we bought a domain name, and created a sales page. And we did that, and WordPress. And so basically, there it is, is the headline, just like things I’ve been doing for years, there’s my partner how doing the sales pitch, a Buy button, using our shopping cart that we already had, talking about that, in the past, we used to do this event, as a live event at a hotel. But because of the pandemic, we’re doing it virtually this year. So in other words, we had, we have a niche and a market that we’re saying we’re having a workshop for. And so we built the sales letter, we told them, what they’re going to get, it was a one day event that Hal and I were the presenters, and for a very affordable price, that you could click the buy button and pay us to get access. So what happens is, is we were charging $97 for each seat, and it was very profitable, we sold a lot of seats. And we basically were doing we were selling WishList Member, which is what I use for my membership site. So So when people go to attendee login, they they’re able to after they pay, they’re able to create a username and password. And when they log in, then they see the dashboard. This is kind of an inspiration from hop in. When you log in to their system, they have a menu of events. And so there was the session and links to each of the sessions. But what we did is I built a page per session that’s protected, those were protected pages that the only way people could get to those these sessions is if they had paid for a password, a membership. And then we had recordings from the previous year. So we really beef this up to be a good value for 97 bucks, and we went live. And we had told the times on based on eastern time we went live and people came here and they hit the play button at specific time. And that’s where we use stream yard to stream our live sessions. And basically what I’m doing right now, we just charged money to embed each of these sessions. And then when we were done, the sessions were recorded. There you can see there’s me and how you can say yes, and we just did our presentations, like we were at the stage of an event. And when that was over, we took a break. And we said come back and meet us at 11am and 2pm, and then 330. And then we did a zoom networking meeting where everybody just logged in to zoom and we talked overtop of each other. And it was a little bit of chaos. But any right, I’ll show you what I used to be able to build this. And so if we go into the dashboard of WordPress, you can see that number one, we built a built all of my session pages as individual pages in WordPress. And I got a plugin that I really liked a lot called YouTube Pro. And YouTube pro allowed me to embed on those protected pages. an unlisted private YouTube stream that I used stream yard to stream to. So that’s how the only way people could watch this stream was if if they came to the embedded page. And you know, so what I like about it, and I’ll show you how you build a page, you go in here, and you hit add new and WordPress. And you know, you want to title your page, I’ll just title it test and you hit YouTube Pro. And then it has a wizard and says Do you want to embed a live stream and one of the other things that it did is if you put the link to the

to the stream which YouTube will give you that and you hit Submit then on the page It will bring the video, you have to publish the page to make it work. But it is that simple. And it is YouTube creates the link that you are able to paste in the YouTube pro plugin. And then as you can see, there’s the the live stream ready. And of course the chat is disabled because the live stream has already already happened. But if it was a up and coming up and coming live stream, then that chat would be there on the page. So what we were able to do is we were able to sell tickets to this live event, we want to make it easy for people to navigate and show up. It was easy for people to chat and comment with us. And we did it all with nothing more than a simple WordPress website. Building pages in WordPress, simple pages, not complicated pages, using stream yard, to have our guests show up, just like I’m doing right now presenting the screen, I could, you know, we left ourselves on the camera so people could see us. And we just went through our PowerPoints we pulled up instead of pulling up a web browser, we pulled up the PowerPoint, and we we did our sessions. And then at the end of the session, we took questions and then when we were done, that page was already populated with the that session. And at the end of the day, then all the sessions were recorded. By using WishList Member that was how we were able to protect the page, I’ll go back and look at this page. And if you’re not familiar with WishList Member, great software that allows you to sell membership content. So and and what we did what I did there was let’s see here, find the page, there’s the page I just test pages built. And then you’re able to go down here and you can say who, for instance, this was the 2021 event people that was only the people that paid for that access, and it protects it. And that way, only the people that paid for that content would have access to those videos. So I essentially did everything you do in a virtual event. It’s not as fancy as some of them I’ve seen out there where it actually gives you animations of being in a convention hall. We’re not trying to do that. Basically, what we did was we built content, and we sold it to our niche. And then now we’re continuing to sell it. And it was interesting, you know, about a third of the people that paid showed up, two thirds of the people wanted to watch it on demand later. And you know, that’s okay, that’s if that’s what they choose to do. Nope, no problem. don’t have a problem with that at all. And let’s see if there’s anything else I want to share with you. I’m gonna trash that page, because that’s not something I want to leave in there. And so if I was to tell you all the different things I had to make this happen, it was a domain name, a WordPress website, the YouTube pro plugin, the WishList Member plugin. And if you don’t have a shopping cart, I have web dot coms power system cart, that’s what I use. But you could use PayPal only you could use stripe, you could collect any money you want to you can use your existing shopping cart if you have it. But we were able to do the pretty much the same thing that some of these big virtual event companies are charging 1000s and 1000s of dollars for we were able to do it for free. So any rate, just one let you know this particular presentation is going to be is brought to you by virtual event which I’m going to build the training step by step on how I built next level PCL marketing, which like I said, was just happened to be the name of of my event with my partner how and it was pretty, pretty simple how we did everything but it worked. It was profitable. It generated new business and so the story of how I built this step by steps gonna be coming out in the next couple of months under the domain name virtual event template. If you have questions before then you can always you know, go to Mike Stewart dot live and you’ll have updates there and of course, to get WordPress domains and

and hosting domains you and dot live secrets are the sponsors of today’s show. So what All that being said, I’m gonna see here, we got a couple of comments. And thank you, Bill. And thank you Roger for I know there’s a lot going on in there. But it’s, it’s not so much that you can’t get control of it. That’s, that’s why I call my business domain control. And if you if folks don’t have any whole lot of other questions, I just wanted to document in today’s show Today’s a little bit of a short show. Because I believe virtual events are going to be opportunities that are here, you know, they’re here for us online. And then more importantly, you know, the, we’re not going to be able to meet in person, anytime real soon, until the pandemic gets under control. I don’t think people feel confident and safe to travel and go to hotels and meetups. So with virtual events, you know, it all boils down to naming it, building it, making an offer that’s irresistible. And then of course, when it gets into marketing it, that’s a whole nother discussion for another day. But But the truth is, how did we market this? Well, we have been doing podcasting, and live streaming, and Facebook groups and paid advertising, we’ve been doing everything in the world to build an audience of pest control owners. And that’s who bought this, and that’s who we’re targeting. And, you know, so we found a little niche that we have carved out for ourselves. And that’s how we marketed it. And you know, and so, you may already have a following, you know, may already have a list or, you know, you may have something that you have to spend advertising dollars to to build a list. And, you know, there’s the only thing I can guarantee you is, when you do it this way, at least you can save a lot of money because you’re able to sell an event and produce the event for very inexpensive tools. Like, you know, wishlist members, not that expensive. Stream yard join stream yard is not that expensive, and hosting for WordPress not that expensive. So we’ll take a look and see if there’s any other questions. Well, here’s a good question from Jeff, how many of these could you create as many domain names as you can buy? With with stream yard, you have an unlimited streaming with, you know, hosting and WordPress domains, you know, builds, you can have multiple sessions, you know, we’re doing that already, we will have multiple sessions probably every year, under this domain name, so there’s no limit. That’s one of the things I didn’t like about the more expensive platforms, they limit you to the amount of registrants they limit you to the amount of sessions you can have per month. And this has zero limits, you could you literally could have 100,000 attendees, if you could sell that many, so any right. And thank you, Roger, you know, I’m always learning to effect that’s the attitude we should all have. Always be learning. So with all that being said, if there’s no other questions, I just wanted to say virtual events, I believe are an opportunity for people who are willing to master some simple tools. Once we’re meeting again, in person will virtually be a profitable option. I think that that there’s always going to be a hybrid, I think people are going to want to start meeting again, but the hybrid sessions where, in other words, there’s going to be follow up, and there’s going to be bonuses that are going to be done virtually. The beautiful thing about doing virtual events is is you know, there are a lot less costs, you can do them more often. And you can do a hybrid, but until till we are meeting again, you know, this is definitely a skill worth talking about.

Tom says have domain renewal costs been going up. I guess it depends on who your registrar is. I don’t think there’s an across the board costs going up. There was one a few years ago, whereas when I sell domain names, I had to increase it, because the wholesale price went up. But I don’t think anything’s going up in the last couple of years. But do a private message to me and I’ll look into that for you which concerned about.

So, folks, this has been Mike Stewart from Mike Stewart live and if there’s no other questions, folks, have a great day.

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My Pac Man Fever Buddy & Partner for 40 Plus Years – Musician, Composer, Voice Actor – Jerry Buckner

Good morning. Good morning. Hey, it’s Mike Stewart with Mike Stewart live. So glad to be here. Hopefully you’re getting in your seats right now. And boy Have I got a fun, exciting show today that I believe you’re going to have a lot of fun with. And you’re going to maybe learn a few things about audio and video marketing. That’s the whole purpose of this show is to talk about audio and video marketing. And I’m having a lot of my good friends and colleagues that make money from audio and video marketing, their marketing their audio services and, and techniques. And so you’ll learn some things. But you know, I always hang behind me. You can see right back there, Pac Man fever and my gold record. I’m really, really proud of having been a part of that project from over 40 years ago. And I was involved with that project with two Dear Dear friends Jerry Butler and Gary Garcia of Pac Man fever. And the day I got that gold record, made the newspaper 40 years later. You can see there, there is the picture that was in the paper back in May of 2020. The day I got that gold record that was the gold record party that I attended there you can see a 25 year old Mike Stewart. And there’s our friend Edgel gross, but there’s Jerry in the middle. And then of course there’s Gary who we love Gary, but we lost him a few years ago, but but Jerry’s still kicking around and having fun with us. And of course Jerry and I get to do, I’ve got to do a lot of things together over the years. We’ve been to Pac Man, conventions. There we were in Florida together at a Pac Man video games event. And then of course, you know, some of the projects that we did together as we worked on Wreckit Wreckit. Ralph, back in 2012. In fact, I highly recommend you go check out the Netflix show high score Jerry and Pac Man fever are in that Netflix show. And then of course, one of the other things that Jerry and I worked on together was we did the W current QRP in Cincinnati record together so we have a huge music connection over the years. And of course one of our crazy claims to fame is we were involved for many, many years Jerry Jerry, Jerry and and Gary effect was involved. But Jerry and me and my partner in my studio, Danny Jones, we did Waffle House records and back fat back last thing was fall of 2019. Before the pandemic, we got one of the few people in the world to receive Waffle House tuning awards. So let me play you some of mine and juries work that goddess award you you’ll enjoy this little clip here.

Joining me now are three of the pioneers of Waffle House records. Mike Stewart, Danny Jones and Jerry Buckner.

We’re so glad to be here.

We’re happy to have you guys now. Jerry, you had to hit Pac Man fever. So you’re no stranger to having a hit. Talk about the early days of Waffle House records, Waffle House

records decided to form a record label and they called me and asked me if I would like to be a part of them to help them do it. And I said yes. So we started on that project. And 25 some records later. Here we are.

We have an award for you for the Waffle House. Most played songs, I would like to present to you a toonie 2019

Go ahead.

I’ll take I’ll take that for you because we’re gonna make them work a little bit. You guys like to hear a little bit of racing. You guys get to sing along and get everybody started. Okay. Raisin,

raisin, raisin toast.

So there’s a little bit of mine and Jerry’s history to give a little flavor and there’s a whole lot more to come but ladies and gentlemen I want to bring to the virtual stage. My good friend, longtime friend, Mr. Pac Man fever. Jerry Buckner.

Seeing that video I just brings me to tears Mike. Yeah, Pac Man fever What? So, you know, millions of records around the world and on American Bandstand all these big shows, you know, and and, and then we do raisin toast and get awards for that, you know, and we’re in the Waffle House video. So, I’m kidding. I love Waffle House had been great. But essentially, I mean, the truth is, Mike, and why would I lie? people, people seem to be sometimes more impressed with the Waffle House stuff that you and I did, than anything else. I mean, we’ve, we’ve done so many projects together, I mean, some we’ve been on a bunch of different labels, as you can see, in the back there, a lot of hits and everything, but it’s the Waffle House has been great for what it was and enjoyed it. And, and we’ve done a lot of stuff together with that.

What, you know, Jerry, in my audio and video marketing world, you’d be surprised how many people will see these videos, like on YouTube, Facebook, and in social media, whatnot, or even when I was doing websites where I would be selling a training or something. And, and and I’m true, I mean, when I showed that newspaper picture that the day I was standing there with you and Gary, you know, that was the gold record party. And you know, you guys, you know, I got that gold record for working on that album. And I that has been a proud possession of mine for years. And you’d be surprised how many I’ve made more money by people saying Do you really have a gold record? And and I say yes, yes. And there’s the man, you’re you’re seeing him you’re hearing him right now that they had a very, very successful album in the 80s. The Pac Man fever album, and you guys saw to it that, that I had a gold record. And I’ve hung it proudly on my wall. And I found out from an internet marketing strategy that when you hang credibility awards, in your videos online, it creates a credibility. I mean, I’ve made money was like, well, I’ll do business with you because you have a gold record. And it’s like, you know, it has nothing to do with my business. But it gives you a certain amount of credibility. And so I’m very grateful that it’s real. It’s not something I bought on eBay and hung it up and it has nothing to do with me. I was there the night you guys recording those things? I remember you sitting in the studio fact last week, I had Rodney Mills as my guest. And you know, one of the things that was really interesting back back in those days, you know, you recorded Pac Man fever and that whole album, were Sweet Home Alabama was recorded where moonlight feels right was recorded by Bruce Blackman. Where I love the nightlife was recorded. We’re all the Atlanta rhythm section. I mean, that was a very it was, as you said on Dick Clark. It was a very electric electric time and Atlanta.

Thanks for bringing that that up. Yeah, we were pretty nervous that day. Yeah. And in 38 special was recording their album. At the same time, the the album, which went you know, sold a zillion copies, had all those big hits on it. They were recording at night, we were recording in the daytime. And it was quite an interesting thing, a lot of hits, and come out of that studio, including classics for hits, you know, the songs, he’s always big hit records and all that. So yeah, it was really neat working in Studio One.

Well, here’s, here’s one of the questions is that you know, you have this amazing music history. And if you want to know more about Jerry’s music, there’s the web address. It’s really easy. If you can remember Jerry Buckner, calm fact we were working on your site just the other day, you’re getting that really ready to let people know that you’re still making music. I mean, you don’t say I stopped making music, you know, it’s just part of our lives. And, and I do the same thing. I mean, I don’t want to stop making music, I don’t want to, I don’t want to stop being around music. But you know, as life went on, and, you know, the hit made you a good chunk of money. And then the way you maintain that money is you got to keep having hits. So, so that’s why we got into waffle house because that was you know, good money. It was corporate music because what we were doing and, and and of course, one of the things that you and I have been staying in touch with for 20 years now is using your talent and letting people know that you’re available. through the internet. And so let’s talk about microphones. Like for instance, I love the microphone, talk about the microphone you’re using to record yourself now. Well, this

is a Shure SM 78 that I have here. And it’s an incredible microphone. I love this. I’ve tried different microphones over the years, and they’ve all been been good broadcast quality. But this one is just just remarkable. I love this. It’s for my voice, it works really well. It gives a nice tone, I have a little bit of a deeper voice. And it has a nice tone. And of course, I do a lot of voiceover, which we may talk about later. But it’s a great microphone, and for the price is wonderful. So I recommend if you’re doing any kind of work this you can do master recordings with it. I think Rodney Mills, who is one of the top engineers ever said this, you and I were talking about that, what a great microphone, but I highly recommend it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You know, there’s always the I have one of these, I should have brought it out, you know, one of the


Yeah, the Yeti. It’s a pretty good mic. It works pretty good. And it’s, it’s, I think about 100 bucks, I don’t know, right? Right, good mic to start with him, especially if you’re starting out doing voice work and so forth. But if you can afford it, this is the mic.

And that’s the Shure SM seven one or something 7878. Yeah, sure, SM Seven, eight, you just Google it, we usually buy our equipment, I buy my equipment at Sweetwater or Guitar Center, those are great places to buy. That’s right. And, and of course, one of the things that you mastered, you know, back when we were working in studios, you know, 40 years ago, we weren’t the engineers, we weren’t the guys running the tape recorders, or, or using the sound mixing boards, or hooking up the microphones, we were just you were a piano player, you were a keyboard player. And Gary was a guitar player, you were songwriters. But the technical stuff was always left up to somebody else. And what happened, when computers came along, you know, I became an audio engineer to the best of my ability, as well as Danny did, and you used to come to our studio, because we were the engineers, and you could come in with with your ideas or whatever, we could end up making a record, right. And when I got out of the studio business, it became evident to me that if you own a computer, I don’t say 80 90% of the work we were doing in our studio back in those days, you could do with a microphone and your computer, which which really brought about this, this was pre internet audio days. But now internet audio is basically communication, its content. And so, you know, you had to learn how to hook up your microphone to your computer, and record and edit and save your content as an mp3 file. So that’s one of your experiences is that you’ve got, you’ve got the IRS for what sounds good from your old recording days, all the records you made, and being around engineers. But tell us a little bit about you know, the software you started doing and, and the skill level you got before we were going to get to five or here in a minute. But talk about you know, your learning curve. I mean, here, here, you you’ve been in studios all these years, and now all of a sudden, you’re at we’re at home studios with microphones, tell me tell me that tell our folks a little bit about that audience

probably should mention my voice work because this is it all kind of comes together. I got into radio is something I always loved all my life. In fact, I wanted to get into radio to begin with back in my younger days. But I also love writing songs and that one out and I did that. But then after Pac Man, we did a lot of stuff in the music business for a long time had a lot of success. But I had a lot of radio friends to from over the years. And I love comedy I used to like like working with comedy. So I got into a friend of mine started using me on his morning show doing some comedy bits and so forth, that mushroomed into a whole whole other business for me. And I had to learn how to record myself at home. So I could submit these demos because it used to be if you wanted to, you’d have to get on an audition for if you want to do a voice then you have to get on town and audition with 100 other people and the same people would always get it and it was just it was really a pain in the butt. And they had to they had to book studio time and everything well now, the advertising people everybody loves the idea that they don’t have to do any of that. All they got to do is they see my site and they come to me I can do everything. And it’s not you know, it’s not that complicated. And and so I had to get you taught me forge how to do. That’s where I started, which is Sound Forge is basically just a stereo track for doing voice types. It’s not a multitrack system, just a regular

for boys a tape recorder. Basically,

it’s a tape recorder. Exactly. And learn how to how to use that. And I can do my own demos. So people, agencies, and people love to come to voice talents who can do this stuff themselves, because they don’t have to pay all those recording fees. And so that gives you a heads up over everybody else that’s still trying to do it the old way. And so that’s how, that’s how I got into doing studios. And then I also morphed into doing music by getting a multitrack I used mix craft, I don’t know what you recommend Mike. And I need to say to everybody, this Mike Stewart. Yeah, he’s my close, dear friend, but he knows this industry frontwards and backwards, and I’ve told him, I made more money with him than I haven’t packed my feet. He’s taught me so much stuff. He’s amazing, man, just knowledge just pours out of them so well. But it’s it’s well, you know, it’s very true. Well,

a DA W is a digital audio workstation. Basically, the ability to layer sounds, we used to call it multitrack recording, you’d have a track of a voice and a track of another voice. And that’s how you made records. But you know, most of the folks in the internet world here, they’re podcasters, where they want to be able to record and edit a show. They want to do an interview like you and I are doing right now. They want to be able to edit in sound effects. And they basically want to make a radio show. And some of them want to do voiceovers for YouTube videos and television, commercial online television commercials. So so the principles that you and I learned as kids in these big studios in Atlanta, like, like buddy buoy, and Rodney Mills, Studio One and Lowery studio, and then my own studio, you know, we learned how to make professional sounding audio, and then the internet came along. And, and basically, you know, an iPhone is almost as good as the tape recorder is better than a tape recorders we had back in the day. A computer is Is anybody can own a studio now. That doesn’t mean anybody has the ears and the talent to make good content. That’s why, you know, learning, you know, and listening and training your ears is one of the things that that’s that why you why you got work is because Jerry, you are talented, you know if it’s right, you know if it’s wrong, you know how to create a piece of audio content that is professional. And, and so therefore. Okay, so you got an audience there just to let people know what I use as a multitrack. You still use a mix craft or have you graduated to the acid program?

You know, I have that too. I have a wall. I guess I prefer the mixcraft seems to work easier for me. But but I’ve got I’ve got the so for me, I’ve got them all. And and I use them for various

purposes. Well, nobody at the bank says Did you edit that audio with with XYZ program? Because it’s all about if it works, don’t worry about it. And of course Charlie just said, the model number it’s and we put up here, it’s the SM 78. Just you know that’s a microphone that is really, really good. That’s it’s kind of becoming the podcast or voiceover. Choice microphone, and

it will, it’s hard to overdrive it. I mean you can but it’s just it’s just so, so perfect. And it will really reproduce your voice. And that’s, that’s so important. If you’re going to get in voiceover work. That’s the quality is so important. That’s one of the most that’s more important. That’s one of the top things I mean, people are not going to agencies are not going to buy your product, not going to use you if you don’t give them quality, quality sound, including the software they don’t. There’s a lot of rules going well,

you know, and one of the things that I want folks to know here is we just built this new website because because Jerry is doing some different marketing, but his specialty is Southern voices. So go to Southern voices Jerry because one of the things I highly recommend for podcasters and people making what I call web marshals or even television or radio commercials, Jerry is a professional talent affordably priced. You can reach out to him there at Southern voices Jerry And you know, hire Jerry. He does an amazing job. He’s a pro all the way and he knows you know, years and years of experience and You know, even if you’re doing a podcast, you want to have a professional voiceover intro even if your voice is not that great, you know. So anyway, just putting that out there. All right, well, we get to the this. This is a good question here from Charles. He says, How does one get a musical ear?

You’re born with it. It’s pretty much. Yeah, I mean, when I was a kid, and I probably make this a very short story, when I was when I was about eight years old, my dad was trying to take piano lessons, he was on a gospel group, and had an old upright piano and he were getting he was getting these melons. Well, one day, I sat down there with my mom, she was singing a little song working in the kitchen sentimental journey, I think. And I sat down, I just started picking it out on the piano. And she said, she come in and he goes, how can you do that? I go, I thought everybody can do. So my dad came home, she said, Come in here, do that, play that for him. And that’s when they discovered that I had this ability to instill Can I mean, I can hear a song. And Mike, you know, from playing in clubs, it really helps a lot, you know, you hear these things, and we can sit down and play them. I mean, you know, work come out. And that’s just, it’s nothing I did. I mean, it just, I had it, you know, just came with the package?

Well, you know, one of the things that I do know is that if you know something is good, go back and forth between what you know is good, and what you did, and try to train yourself to discern the difference. And, and there’s just, there’s just little things that you got to learn to listen for, you want to make sure that you’re close to the microphone, when you’re doing voiceover, you want to make sure that you have some sort of, you know, Jerry’s got foam on his sm 78. That is a pop filter, I’m using a wire mesh pop filter, there’s little things that you can do, that you everybody can learn producing music. That’s a whole nother gut, you know, sometimes it’s a god given talent, sometimes it’s something that you just gotta want one, it’s so bad that you work very, very hard to get that skill. But But I think what I want to go to next is, you discovered a way to get people to buy your services, through fiber can tell a little bit of that story.

Well, I was doing voice work, of course, from working in radio, doing morning shows, and so forth. And then I started getting some people that asked me to do some commercials and everything. And I discovered very quickly that if I did a character voice, I would get more of a response. And, and it could get more work. Because they seem to like the sudden I had a southern character that I can disable and I can do and they like that. So I began to try to find ways to to get more work. And there’s there’s sites called and voices 123 dot com, and their membership sites. And you know, you pay a yearly fee for those. So I started working on those. And that that I did okay in there. And every you know, it was fine. But you did Oh, I did a lot of free. A lot of free demos on there. I mean, you spent a lot of time because you you submit them and they don’t pay you. Well, I heard about fiber. And I thought I’m not, you know, $5 for something. I mean, I don’t want to do that, you know that? Well, I went and kind of investigated it. So I thought, well, I want to try something. So I did, I went in and did an anonymous, put up an anonymous site, you know, kind of a little bit of a joke, kind of a thing with a funny picture and saying I was a regular talent, but I didn’t want anyone to know, you know, well, it caught on. And I started getting people coming to me. And what I found out is is that there’s extras on fiber that you can add to what you’re doing legitimate is not trying to pad it. License, you know, people want to use your voiceover for commercial than any to pay a licensing fee for that which they most people will do. And I found out that I could make better or as good or better money than I would on the membership sites, and not have to do all the free demos. I don’t you don’t do any free demos on Fiverr. So it’s a great place to start. If you’re brand new will then do one for five or 10 bucks if you want just to get started. Because once you build up, you start moving up the chart, you’re moving up into the system to where people can see who you are. But there’s a lot of tricks involved with Fiverr. But it’s a great place to go and yes, you can make money. I’ve made a lot of money on Fiverr. And I’m glad I discovered that.

Well that’s that’s the lesson here is that that Fiverr can be a Li it’s not about doing things for $5. That’s the thing I learned from you is that you can no matter what your skill is. You can have layers of profitability and you’re using the little five Dollar or $10. And in fact, I’ve actually seen some people on Fiverr that have nothing for $5. And I guess it’s that that’s

very common. I mean, it’s it’s kind of fibers is huge. In fact, I think there was a fiber commercial and

they ran a superbowl commercial yesterday.

Yeah. So,

so they’re doing okay, that was $5 million to run that commercial. Yeah.

Yeah, they’re doing okay. And they got a lot of different areas. But the voiceover thing works very well on there. I highly recommend them. And as I say, there’s there’s a few more tricks, but it’s a great place to start. If you want to get into doing doing voice work.

Well, I want to talk about this for a second, we got a couple more things. And my gosh, the show’s almost coming to an end here, because we’ve been on for half an hour. But you know, you’re involved with Waffle House records. In fact, one of the things here, you can search eBay, and Jerry has Waffle House records. He’s a seller there you see Jerry, Buck, any three, that’s the seller information. And you got all kinds of crazy things that you’re selling on on what happens.

Whenever Mike is I, I happened to was looking for something else on eBay one day, and I saw that somebody had a couple of his records for sale for some pretty good prices. And I thought, well, that’s pretty well, because I had a bunch, you know, when we used to do all the waffle stuff back in the day, they would give you know, I would get a box or two of records. I’m not even sure why I guess it’s producing it and get records. So I had a bunch of records hanging around here that I probably was going to throw away, you know. And when I saw that on there, I thought well, people are collecting them, they become kind of collector’s items. And people have jukeboxes, and they want to put the songs on it. So I put a few of my records up and they just, I mean right out the door. So I was able to secure a lot more of these from the warehouse that nobody, nobody cares about them. I do. And so we put them up on eBay, and it’s great people love them. And they, you know, as I say they they’re collector’s items and they put them on two boxes.

Well, I just want you to know that you need to check them out. There are a lot of fun going if you have a waffle house restaurant, in your area, you can go to the to the digital jukeboxes, all the records all the way back to 1980. The very first one we ever did, and then you and Danny did him for many, many years afterwards. So I don’t know how many songs are on there anymore. But you can check out Waffle House records. But now what we’re going to talk about, and we’re going to wind it up here with is this was the party that brought you on is Butner And, and I remember we were you and I and Gary were doing jingles at my house. for local rent. We I’ll never forget we had a local restaurant. Joe rigatoni was was he did Joe’s and we did all kinds of different jingles. And we would do the demos at my home studio. And then we go to a real studio to cut the final product and and that’s, you know how we were we were playing music at night and making jingles during the day. And and you guys started playing Pac Man at near that studio, I think was one the Marielle It was called

shillings on the square up in Marietta, Georgia.

And you know, these new video game arcade games were tabletop? Is that a tabletop game? Or was it an arcade

tabletop, sitting in the middle of the room plugged in at a plug in the floor? They’re sitting there. And we were wanting to get a bite to eat and between working at a local studio and saw all these people so we started playing it got hooked and spent more time in there then working in the studio. We thought maybe we should let’s do a little song because we were songwriters as you are Mike you know, always been and and we would try it. We were trying to get hit songs you know, but commercials was how we were making a living. So we thought well, let’s do the song. And maybe we’ll get a little bit of work from commercials. And that was the idea behind doing it. We never never dreamed that it would do what it would it did but that was the idea behind it.

Well, you know the the gaming community community just still loves this record. I mean, it’s amazing. The people you’ve met over the years as a result of this record. The song has been used in Family Guy The Simpsons The Goldbergs South Park, South Park

been in the Rose Bowl parade. I mean it’s been everywhere

you know, and you know one of the things I think that will be a lot of fun is that that we’re going to help Jerry get Jerry Butler dot live setup. And because I think the gaming world just loves hearing about Pac Man and and, and so that that’ll be a fun show. Hopefully you can get going, launching pretty soon. But I’ll tell you what the way we’re going to end the show is, we’re going to play you and I, and the remaining members of the studio band made a video this past May. And we found some old footage of me and you, and Gary and the original drummer, Johnny. And we actually at Chris Bowman, the guitar player from the from the album, we play the only time that I know of that there’s ever a video of us playing Pac Man fever live. That’s right, it was at Chris’s wedding. And we took that footage, and we made a video and we did a live stream on it. And we started getting some momentum. And then of course, this year has been one crazy news event after another and the world didn’t seem to have much interest in Pac Man after the craziness of last year. So we’re going to play it right now to end the show with maybe have some closing comments, see if there’s some questions. But Jerry, thank you for sharing your your stories. And I will come back if we some time and do another show in the future. Mike? Well, if nobody has any questions, Jerry I once again, this was a lot of fun, a lot of things that brought back wonderful, happy memories. I’m glad that you and I are still good friends and and you know, brother, I’d do anything to do to help you. You just ask and you know that and folks reach out, go to Jerry check out Buckner guards. check out, you know, the Kindle book back here behind me. That’s one of the things that I’m a firm believer in. It’s it’s maybe the music industry hasn’t really completely accepted it. But our fans that like Pac Man favor are loving it. And we’re just going to keep keep doing the things we’re doing. And the quote my good buddy, Jeff herring, he says that was cool. So sometimes you don’t have to teach something. Sometimes you can just have fun being cool. Jerry, any last words before? Here’s Vicki says thank you, Vicki. Glad you’re here. And so we had a good audience today. You know, one thing about these live streams is a lot of people see it after the fact it’s it becomes immediately posted in social media. And so you can always rewind it, watch it again, visit Jerry’s websites. Jerry, anything you want to say before we head on out of here, just thanks to all all the fans and all the folks who support us over the years and love to meet you and get you know,

Check. Check us out Jerry and kiss my my partner Jerry Garcia. And Mike Stewart, my close dear friend who’s done so much for me and just a tremendous talent. You need to check him out in all these areas because you’re gonna make money and you’re going to learn stuff. So anytime I can be on the show love to my loved one.

Well, Charlie says fun stuff. And with that, everybody have a great day and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks with the next Mike Stewart dot live

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