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Kindle with Audio & Video with Publishing Expert Daniel Hall

Michael Stewart
Hello, everybody, it’s Mike Stewart with Mike Stewart dot live. And I’m so glad that you’re here

Michael Stewart
watching me live because I believe in audio and video marketing and I believe that live streaming is a massive opportunity in future for all kinds of applications. So today I’m going to be talking about something that’s right over my shoulder over here right there. You can see I’m pointing my finger at it, something I’m very proud of something I’ve been working on in Nashville for the last year so it’s doing Kindle books. And and of course, my expert who’s in the green room, who I’ll bring on here in just a few moments, is my good friend Daniel Hall, who I consider to be the number one premier Kindle expert in the world. Now, kinda how does this fit in with audio and video? Well, number one, to me, ebooks, and especially Kindle books are like selling websites. In other words, one of the things that you can do inside of a Kindle book, and I’ll show you this overlay is you can have blue clickable links. In other words, you can link to video, you can link to audio, you can link to software. In other words, you can sell links inside of ebooks. We used to do PDF ebooks, Adobe Acrobat ebooks back in the day, and we would put links in it. And then one of the things that you can do in printed books and one of the things that that has really been a resurgence is QR code marketing. In fact, this is in the Kindle book that Daniel helped me put together. For this music project of mine, Pac Man fever, we have the ability, if you point your cell phone at a Kindle at a QR code, you don’t even need an app anymore, it just immediately goes to the link that program that QR code. So so you know when it comes to Kindle books when it comes to ebooks. Um, you’re basically if you think about it, in fact, my good friend years ago, Armand Morin, made $4 million selling links to things that people didn’t know, he just, that’s what he did. He put together, I don’t know, a couple hundred 200 popular links as early on in the internet. And he sold as an E book was just an E PDF file full of links. And those links were valuable. So, you know, that’s how video and audio can tie into Kindle. But there’s a whole lot more to kindle marketing than just that. But that’s one of the things that has happened because of my good friend Daniel Hall, who’s gonna be on the show here in just a second. He helped me build this livestream back in May, about my project of Pac Man fever. And what we witness from this video marketing strategy was, we sold Kindle books and in fact, this created a whole lot of PR we got a huge article in Yahoo music, and we just got a lot of press from doing this. So when you think about you know, being an author, but more importantly tying it back to audio and video marketing, there’s a whole lot of opportunity. So that’s kind of how I want to lay the foundation here. And so what I’m going to bring to the stage right now is my good friend, Daniel Hall. I see Daniel is there Can you hear me wave at me Daniel, if you can hear me? He can. So here we go. Daniel. So good to have you here on Mike Stewart dot live.

Daniel Hall
Hey, Mikey, how you doing? Hello, everyone.

Michael Stewart
Good to be here. All thank you for being a part of my you know, one of the things that I’ve gotten excited about and in fact, I believe that you are the person who really helped me see the missing links that I had. I got excited about live streaming probably three or four years ago, when Facebook Live came out. And then YouTube Live kind of was followed after that and we tried Periscope and all these other Difference situations. And one of the frustrations I had with it was to, you know, to multicast to multiple platforms, and then also encasing your live stream on a website. And when you told me about the software that we’re using right now, stream yard that was the missing link. But, but that’s not what today’s about, you know, my audience is interested in audio video marketing. But, you know, I want you to talk about Kindle marketing and your experience and what you do with with authors to help them be successful in Kindle. I mean, it’s, it’s, there’s never been a better opportunity in the world to be a publisher or to be self publishing. And of course, it’s it’s one thing to create a great piece of content or a great project and get it up on Amazon. It’s a whole lot more to make it successful. So why don’t you take the floor here for a minute and talk about some of the things that that that tie into audio and video kind of like what we did with the Pac Man project, but but you know, your perspective Things that folks need to know, when they’re creating these types of projects. And yeah, obviously, if we’re not successful with it, it’s a it’s a time consuming hobby and I’ve had lots of time consuming hobbies in my day but but it’s it’s one thing to make it successful with, with profitability. So, Daniel, just share a little bit of your wisdom here for a few moments.

Daniel Hall
Yeah, man. Well, first off, I really appreciate you taking the time to to bring me on and have me a part of what you know what it is you do. But before I actually launch off into any of that what I just wanted to kind of tip of the hat and acknowledge you Mike, because many people know me as somebody that does webinars relatively well. And the fact of the matter is, is that I’ve made a lot of money doing webinars. And the the the point that I want to make sure everyone understands is that Mike Stewart, the guy that’s presenting this, this Very live stream. He’s the guy that first taught me how to do a webinar back, I don’t know, a decade ago now. So, you know, the fact that you are listening to Mike Stewart is is a very, very wise thing on your part because and because I listened to Mike, literally I’ve generated millions of dollars in in revenues doing webinars first and then and then he kind of led me into doing podcasting, and then push me sort of into live streaming. And every time I’ve listened to Mike, I’ve made money and not only that, but I know that I’ve reached a whole new community, a whole new group of people and I’ve been able to help them. So thanks to you, Mike on on all that. Now, the one of the things that I love about this age that we live in, is the fact that you can have have an idea for a product or a solution. And you can get that solution to the marketplace in a variety of different ways. Now, Mike wanted me to share my wisdom on, you know what, what it really takes to to make something successful. And the very, very first thing is to make sure whatever it is that you are thinking about bringing to the marketplace actually has a demand. In other words, people actually want it it’s not that they need it, but they but they want it and and also that they have demonstrated a, a thirst a hunger for, for buying whatever that solution is, which is one of the reasons why I love to use as a way to do some market research because if you have have an idea for something, a, you know, some some solution in your baileywick. Right and your core expertise, but you don’t know whether there’s a market for it? Well, you can go to Amazon, for example, and look to see if there are books on your subject or audio books on your subject or other products or courses that revolve around your subject matter your core solution. And you can tell by what people already in the marketplace are doing and how their products are doing and the number of those products, whether or not there is a demand. And how do we know that? Well, we know that because, number one, the number of people that may have a book, let’s say on a particular subject, or it was in addition to so it’s and

Daniel Hall
what the BSR or best seller rank of that particular product is so Mike want me to address this? Hey, you gotta you know, do you, if you’re going to bring something to the market, you know, to to ensure that it’s going to sell? Well, this is the very first step. Now I will just tell you here that nothing is 100% so this is this is both art and science, it’s it’s it’s metrics and, and a bit of, you know, inner guidance, creativity. So I just want you to understand that but it certainly is really, really helpful if you see four or five or 10 different competitors that are basically are selling similar solutions to whatever it is you’re trying to bring to the marketplace. And, and the bestseller rank on that particular book, for example or product is relatively low meaning that there are lots of people buying that product right Buying that particular solution that should inform you that Oh, okay. Other people are out here selling similar things, similar types of solutions. Of course, Yours may well be much better. But at least you know that the solutions that are being brought to the marketplace are being consumed, people are actually shelling out money, okay to get whatever it is these people have in exchange, and that’s really what it comes down to, you know, people could say, and that’s the other thing that that kind of gets me a little bit about market research is that, you know, you can have this, this market research and you could be asking survey questions to two people, but people will tell you one thing, and then do another when their money is involved, right? So they’ll say yes, yes, yes. But when you ask them to actually pony up Their their actions may be altogether different, which is one of the reasons why, again that I refer you back to a website, like, which you should, you should think of in terms of it being essentially a buyers search engine. Because when you go to Amazon to buy something, or when people do go to Amazon, they understand that there they’re going to have to buy something, unlike Google, for example, to do market research. So that would be my first sort of big big tip for you is to make sure before you come to market with something that you are investigating how well that particular type of solution is doing. And it may or may not just be Amazon, okay? It can be other marketplaces as well. For example, perhaps your type of solution does well in Clickbank or Etsy, okay or any of the number of other Other places where that particular type of solution may well sell. Once again, it behooves you, it benefits you, in other words, to, to run down the whether there’s any demand for whatever it is you’re bringing to the marketplace. And this the key before you actually put out the project, okay, before you take the time, effort and energy to, to bring a project to the marketplace, even in minimal in minimal, minimal viable form, because, as you well know, and I know I’m I’m just like this as well, let me know in the chat if you can relate. But I only have a certain amount of bandwidth mental bandwidth that I can expend. It’s it’s like a it’s like a bank account. I don’t I don’t have just constant creativity and constant energy to put out on something that um, that that actually you know, I can I can do Over and over again. So I’ve got to be very selective and you have to be very, very selective in what you are bringing to market. And once again, knowing knowing this, knowing that there there may well be a aperture in the in the market is going to help you hit more baseballs, it’s going to hit you, it’s going to get you on base more often. We’re just coming into this really weird baseball season right now with the whole COVID thing. So yeah, it’s like, you know, hitting not hitting the ball and getting on base and, you know, moving along to you to actually get some runs scored in the form of money made with your projects. So yeah, that’s, that’s what I would say there, Mikey.

Michael Stewart
Well, you know, this is all great information. And the thing that you know, that you’ve taught me, is that you know, that I believe you were one of the first people to tell me that, you know, I ask people all the time, what is Amazon to you? And usually the general answer is it’s a store Well, yes, it is a store it’s an e commerce platform. But it is a search engine. And the the if people are searching it in Google, if they’re searching in Bing or whatever, search engine, they’re probably searching it in Amazon. But the difference is, and I and I’m living example, especially in these crazy days of COVID is that it’s really easy to pick up your cell phone, pull up the Amazon app and tap tap and something appears at your, at your doorstep. Amazing, you know, it’s amazing. So, so, the world has really become more search engine crazy with Amazon, in the last, you know, several months of of this pandemic, but more importantly, you as a marketer, you know, you have to ask yourself, are you leveraging the power of digital distribution through Amazon, if Amazon is a search engine, if Amazon is the ability to sell, you know, I’ve actually told people you know, a Kindle book is like selling a website membership, full of content. It has that potential. Amazon has the best delivery platform that people can consume Kindle content on their phones or tablets or computers. You don’t have to buy a Kindle device to it to consume this content but the thing is, you can link it to multimedia and of course that’s my wheelhouse is the creation and the marketing with audio and video content. And and and of course, that became the passion. You know, I was out in Austin with you. Just, I guess less than a year ago, I think was last summer that we were out on those beautiful lakes having a great time, masterminding. And I said can you know, can you embed and sell multimedia content and a Kindle hearing it here? I’ve been doing multimedia for almost 20 years. And I didn’t realize oh my gosh, what you can do? And of course, what we did was is we proved it works. And in fact, I’m going to put up the web address of one of mine and Daniel’s partnerships. It’s called digital music and You know, that’s one of the things in fact, we got one of my good Nashville friends here on the call or here on the call. Well, I’m going back to teleseminars or I’m dating myself there. On the live in our I’m calling these, it’s kind of like a webinar, but it’s live television. Jason deer with a national tribute band. And of course, one of the things that we’re trying to prove and we will prove Daniel, you are a Kindle expert, there’s a whole lot of cross marketing, you know, there’s a lot more to it than just throwing it up on Amazon and, and a wish and a prayer. There’s cross linking, there’s a resources for promotion. Um, and of course, one of the things I think every author in the world should be live streaming. You know, the the reason that on live streaming is I, I teach live streaming to my clients, but it’s also a content repurposing opportunity. When we get done with this particular livestream, it’s going to become a podcast. It’s going to become a YouTube video. Do it’s going to become a transcription, it’s going to become, you know, we have my good friend Jeff herring talks about medium calm. In other words, in 30 minutes time here, I’m gonna have a whole lot of content that I was guilty of not creating. And and so what I love the commitment to going live, makes a commitment to be creative. And then of course, when you have the ability to interact with folks, we’ve got people here live, which we’re going to take some questions. That’s my mantra for the world of everyone, and especially Kindle authors. Anybody who creates anything that that they try to build a business online with, is when you go live, you repurpose that content content and it becomes archived on the internet forever. And, you know, one of the things I’ve been teaching for years is making content. But my gosh, I was not archiving. I mean, I knew how to do YouTube channels, and I’m sitting here going, I don’t have any subscribers and I don’t have that many videos, and I’ll tell you what, It was Daniel is procrastination. Procrastination is that thing you know, I want to get I’ll get to this one day is when I get around to it. So I got myself around to it.

Unknown Speaker
There you go.

Michael Stewart
And I started going live. So let me let me ask, I’m gonna ask you a question and then we’re gonna take a few questions because I try to keep the show two half an hour, because I respect people’s time. If this is not meant to be a webinar, it’s meant to be a relationship building. Introduce folks to my friends and my expert guests, and then just kind of whet your whistle. I’m going to put up this URL. I’m going to leave it here for a bit. I did a little research if you go to Daniel Hall presents calm, you can pretty much find everything you need to know about this brilliant friend of mine. I mean, he’s a brother from another mother, but my gosh, brilliant, brilliant marketer, very, very successful. And you just if you don’t know Daniel, you need to go to Daniel Hall presents to see all the crazy things he does, but let me ask ask you this what do you do different with Kindle that most people who who put up put up Kindle books? What do you do to help people become more successful what just maybe give you four or five things that you did differently that most people don’t even know need to be done not asking how to do it what are they what are those things?

Daniel Hall
Yeah So the very first thing I would say is that most Kindle authors believe that the job is done when they hit Publish. When the when the point of the fact is that when you hit Publish is when your job begins. That’s when your job begins. Because as you well know, Mikey books that already product that just sits up on on Amazon or anywhere else, for example, they it’s not it’s not a Field of Dreams thing. It is not even even if even with the best market research. You have got to get out and let people know that Your solution exists in other words you have to market whatever it is that you are bringing to the market including books on Amazon or any anything else that you’re bringing. So one of the one of the things is to do basically what we’re doing, where we’re taking a time to chat. We’re letting folks know that we exist that we perhaps have different solutions that may that may help them we we’ve entered their consciousness, their awareness, which for some people are there it’s going to lead eventually to as sales people go to Daniel Hall presents calm and they can get any number of freebies for me and then get on my email list and eventually probably buy something from me. I mean thousands of people have so that’s that’s the very first thing I would say is no going in that the the creation of your solution and the publishing of that collusion is not enough. It is just the beginning, not the end.

Michael Stewart
When you build, you know, one of the things that I see I’ve gotten several Kindle books lately. And I noticed that in the Kindle books, they don’t do very much cross linking. In other words, they don’t even tell you that they have other books. And I was just just while you were talking there, I went to Amazon and I searched your name Daniel Hall, and a lot of stuff came up for that. So I mean, that’s that’s one thing that that you know, I would think you would need to tell people is just, you know, how, how to make it easy to find you. If I were to ask you, how can I find your library? Because I know you have a lot of Kindle books and a lot of print on demand books on Amazon. How would somebody search Amazon to find your books and see your catalog?

Daniel Hall
Yeah, so that this is another really important thing. First off, if this is one of the one of the main reasons to actually have a book because as A author on Amazon with a book on Amazon. Everyone has the eligibility to have what is called an author central account. And an author central account on Amazon essentially is valuable, because it gives you additional real estate on one of the largest, you know, most traffic site in the world. And that is your Amazon, your Amazon author central page. So for example, if you were to go to, forward slash author forward slash Daniel Hall, I believe that’s the URL. Then you will see all of all of the books that that I’ve either published or co wrote, or otherwise written myself. So the key with this is Using the different platforms, and I’ll pull it up here, because because if I do, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Because what this is a super underutilized tool that that most authors don’t really ever, ever use or don’t use correctly. And that’s the other thing I wanted to just show you here is that with it, you have the ability to put stuff up on your author central page, that um, that that gets that gets noticed. So, if you if you allow me to have the screen here, I’ll just show you what I’m talking about. Um, and let’s see, can I share my screen? I think I can hear I think you can. Yeah, let me do that.

Daniel Hall
Alright, and hopefully, you all be will be able to see this

Daniel Hall
Right. Can you go? Cool. All right, so here’s the Amazon author central page and a couple things I just want to point out. So these are all books that I’ve either as I said, published or or, you know, have have had some hand in in some way. The first thing I’ll just show you sort of from the very top to bottom here is that you should if you are an author, you should in fact, have really good headshots, not just something you know, Polaroid or you know, something in the backyard, go get a professional headshot or preferably head shots. The next thing you should do is make sure it’s kind of coming down here. Make sure that you have a really well done thought out considered an interesting bio, right, the go that goes right down here, so you can see that that’s what’s going on there. The other thing so coming across here, here, here are all the books that you that I’ve published. And you’ll notice a couple things. Like there’s a lot of these, these books with sort of the same sort of motif, the same sort of branding. These are the get the real fast results. So this is the other thing about about Kindle that you can certainly do is I have a, I have a podcast called the real fast results. com podcast. And what I did that’s different than than just about anyone else that I know, I don’t know any other podcaster or for that matter marketer that does this, but I take and make Kindle short reads out of every single one of my Kindle podcasts. So that’s what you see here where there’s I think over 100 hundred plus on books here from and I think yours is in Hear to Mike if we look for it when you when you are on the podcast, but but they’re all out in working for me, that’s, that’s that’s the point. And after every 10 of them going back to your earlier point, I cross promote all the rest, I cross promote all the rest of those. And that’s a very, very cool thing as well. Right? Um, and so that’s the other thing you can use your, your Amazon author central to do is you know, create and publish books like this. And all of these make money, okay, they all make money and they do it pretty much all on autopilot which is kind of cool. Now the other thing I wanted to show you here it looks like I’ve not put my screen back up here. There we go. A couple other things I wanted to show you here is the author updates. So back here, these on Amazon author central you You can put up your RSS feed for anything from your, your YouTube channel, your blog, your podcasts, so that when you do a new piece of content, it auto updates here on Amazon author Central, which is very, very powerful because that way, if somebody is interested in you, they’re looking at one of your books and they click over to your, your Amazon author central page, they could see that you are active that you are that you are doing stuff today that that affects them, you’re keeping up with what’s going on. The other thing I wanted to just show you here

Daniel Hall
is, for example,

Daniel Hall
like like we were showing you right here, you could put up images, like if you were to take this image right here, um, and point your phone camera at it, it would actually take you over to my My YouTube channel, where By the way, you should definitely go subscribe because I’m making great you know, tutorial videos over there and it’s completely free to subscribe. But the point being is that people I can take people off of Amazon and bring them over into another platform where I can continue to build a relationship with them right. The other thing that you can do here and should do is like like Mikey put up a little commercial there for his dot live secrets you can do he can put that up as a video here as well and have and have people access it write directly from from Amazon author Central, so there and of course you can add all of your books here to to you know, that you’ve published and people can buy them directly from here, etc. So, um, yeah, that’s a little bit of a little bit of a lesson here on Amazon author central kind of going back to what you can do To cross promote, by all means you’ve got to you’ve got to build this out because this is this is one thing that gets a lot of traffic, people find you and if if you’ve got it looks like you’re active here, then you know what it’s it’s going to attract new attract new people over to you then may not have no not otherwise knowing that number one you exist. And number two, that you have a bunch of different solutions that can make their life better. And then that’s really what it’s all about.

Michael Stewart
Well, you know, I’ll tell you what, it’s amazing how fast these shows fly by. I mean, I try to keep them around a half an hour and we’re already past a half an hour. So I’d like to take a few questions before we close because I know your time is valuable and so is the listeners. Um, let’s see here.

Daniel Hall
A lot of people just making up given us some great here’s a microphone A Superman mentality was helpful, you know? So there you go. I mean, you’re just getting a lot of kudos here. This is your chance. You This is your chance to ask some questions. Here’s Carlin. I got to tell you about my good friend Carling Carling owns the URL Grand Right? And he Carlin has been a mike Stewart of customer and Fran for more years than I care to remember. In fact, because of Carl, I got to see the Grand Canyon. So I’m going to give him this afternoon. What are your top five things you do to promote your Kindle books once you got them published? Well, we kind of talked about a little bit they’re calling before we started questions. Maybe if you can give a quick five Daniel.

Daniel Hall
Sure. Get get on and get other influencers to promote your your books for you. And that that means getting them involved early in the process as as you’re writing them on and including, you know, promotion to some people that you You want later in two to promote your stuff. The second thing you certainly can do is write some guest blog post. Third thing you could do is do some live type of, you know, live stuff you can get on by the way, that’s another another cool thing that you could do is you could do a short serialized podcast series and I use Mike has another opinion on this but I like for that sort of thing. I like to use to to do that. And the and I’m glad that just hit me. The number one thing you can do and anyone, the very first thing that you can do to promote your Kindle books, focus on not marketing, but getting lots of reviews for the book. Get rid of For your book, get reviews for your book. Okay, that’s what’s going to sell more more of your books. Okay, I can just tell you that it is really, really helpful and you do that by finding people here on Amazon that that review books like yours. So look for other people. It’s I’ll show you what I mean or I don’t know we have we have time to show this Mikey here. Sure. Okay. So what what’s Carlin’s um his his his niche branding, obviously.

Michael Stewart
Well now his his niches is selling tours at the Grand Canyon.

Daniel Hall
Alright, so Grand Canyon, so let’s look at a Grand Canyon

Michael Stewart
tours. And he may do other things that he hadn’t told me about but

Daniel Hall
all right. So here’s some tour books right on on the Grand Canyon. So here’s what over the edge death in the Grand Canyon. So if I were to go Hear Carlin and look at this has 300 373 ratings you see this. And what I would do is I would actually start looking through these people, especially those that gave it a five stars, I would go here and I wouldn’t go look for PLP mo and go over if you just click their name, you’re going to see not all of them, but some of them will have ways to reach out and connect to that reviewer. So, um, I would just go through this list. And, in fact, and here you go. So here’s Deborah Porter and her site here is that breath off a breath of fresh air press dot dots, ce o And I would find her there and write her and say, I’ve got I noticed you You know that you did this book? right yet you did a review on this book. I have a book on on tour in the Grand Canyon, I would really appreciate it if you would consider reviewing my book as well. And there you go there you can find her here. Here’s your contact. That’s how that’s how you find people to review you. Okay? Yes, it is. It’s a numbers game. Not everyone is going to answer you and not everyone that answers you will actually do the review. But if you do enough of these and you can get 10 1520 100 reviews in this way, selling your Kindle books is so so much easier. So with that, I think that’s

Daniel Hall
about as much as I could say.

Michael Stewart
Hey, we I just have to mention we have a marketing hero and legend Mr. Willie coffered Crawford is here. Hey Willie. Willie. Willie years ago, I’m telling you folks, thank you. It’s an honor for you to be here sir. I hope hope that if you saying this is excellent food for thought. Appreciate you being here and saying those kind words. And my good friend wall Gifford wall is just what a supporter and a sweetheart of a man he’s been all these years 335 in New Zealand right now, but he’s up watching us live. Yeah, you know, you could have watched it on a replay brother, but I appreciate you being here. Well, you know, we’ve taken if there’s no other questions, you know, we’ve gone about seven minutes over. Daniel, have you got any final thoughts before we close the show out, but thank you for being a guest of this show will be archived for forever. At Mike Stewart dot live. It’ll be in social media and YouTube for as long as those people let it stay there. And the purpose like I said, the purpose of this is I just want to create and spotlight good people with good information at my television show and then of course, the way you can support us is check out Daniel Hall presents calm Daniel had I checked it today he has links to all his products. He has so many great solutions that you just need to if you don’t know about Daniel, go there and check it out. And of course at Mike Stewart dot live I’ll link to all the things that I do that help people. In fact, here’s Carlin cart, you know, fat Carlin just recently purchased dot live secrets. So, Carla, I think I think that’s going to be a great show that I’d like to see about the beauty of the Grand Canyon and all the things that he’s doing there. So thanks for being here, everybody. Any final words before we close out this show here, Daniel?

Daniel Hall
Yeah, man. First off, thank thank you so much for the opportunity to to chat with your community, Mikey. And just remember that if you stay at the core of actually trying to help people, then in like not hiding your life, in other words, marketing, that you have a way to help people that’s going to do you Really, really well because even though you may not be always perfect and you make people off sometimes what you do, most people are going that that resonate with you will continue to resonate with you and and you’ll get more people attracted to you that were meant that you were meant to to help. So just don’t don’t hide your light market and come from a hardest service. And that’s gonna, that’s gonna help you the most.

Michael Stewart
And just as a final thing here, there if it wasn’t for Daniel Hall, my dream of making the first ever music Kindle book, Pac Man favorite the story behind the unlikely ad set. It would have never happened without Daniel Hall who is the Kindle expert. And of course, he was the guy who told me to make these QR codes. So until two weeks from today, we’ll have our next Mike Stewart dot live

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Hello, everybody, welcome to Mike Stewart dot live the premier show about audio and video marketing. And I’m here I hope we get people getting in their seats. Try to get a good audience for this. But you know what I’m excited to start something that I really believe in is the future of online video and audio marketing. And I want to share with you some of my thoughts and of course tell them today’s show. I’ve got my dear friend, Jeff herring, his AI expert guest talking about content marketing, and some crazy stuff he’s doing with medium. So anyway, let me go ahead and share with you. What’s what I wanted to share with you. Why am I broadcasting live? When I’ve known how to do it for years, why am I getting excited now? Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ve been making audio and video training. And I’ve been involved with audio and video since 1979. And more importantly, I’m passionate about what you can do with the tools to make audio and video content. I mean, I was teaching the software 20 years ago of Camtasia Studio maker and, and you know, whatever made video from the internet, I was always trying to stay on top of it. But you know, that all stemmed. In 1995, amazingly, 25 years ago, kind of around the beginning of the internet, when David Letterman had Bill Gates on that show, and there was something I’m gonna share with you in a minute of how the history of that which was my aha moment, you know, and I’ve watched online video,

Michael Stewart 1:41
grow. One of the first things I remember seeing online back in 95, and 96 was frog in a blender, you got to look that up. It’s funny, but it proved to me that the internet is radio and television, which is something I’ve been involved with my whole life. And I was one of the grandfather’s of making audio buttons on websites, and I talked How to make CDs and DVDs. And I was one of the first people to do a video sales letter. And then I realized that teleseminars were like radio. And then of course, it just it just kept audio and video marketing just kept getting better and better. In fact, today’s guest, Jeff herring, showed me facebook live back in 2016. I said, Oh my gosh, live television. It’s here the ability to broadcast all over the internet through Facebook was, you know, really, so already four years old, and I got excited about that. And of course, what I was looking at things like Meerkat and Periscope and blab and Facebook Live. And I got excited about the mevo camera which was a camera that allowed you to do live streaming television, Facebook, and you know Meerkat went away Periscope, got bought, still around, got bought by Twitter, blab I think went away but Facebook Live, you know, it’s still it’s still existing. The Meebo still exist, but it was clunky, it It wasn’t what I thought it would be. So what’s got me excited to get it back to it. Well, the website that I’m using right now join stream yard comm What do I like about this? Well, it holds me to a schedule, that’s number one, two, it becomes content that I can repurpose, and I repurpose it as a blog post as a podcast as a YouTube channel content as Facebook Live content, it becomes social media that can be shared. So you know, even though I knew how to do these things, procrastination set in and you know, and I didn’t do these things I didn’t I didn’t stay on top of these things like I should have even though I didn’t know how so that’s why I’m doing it you know, even if nobody shows up not can tell there are people here watching and thanks for being here. But at the same time, um, it’s forcing me to create content, which is what I what I love about it. And, and the other thing I want to tell you about why I believe the internet is radio and television back in 1996, or 95, for that matter, Bill Gates was on the david letterman show. And I’d been a student of watching late night television for years because being out of radio and television, I actually met at the big seminar in Atlanta, the guy who was head of the audience development for the david letterman show. And he said, anytime you want to come to New York and watch the letterman show be taped in front of a live audience, just call me email me and I’ll get you in, you know, you’ll be guaranteed to get in that day. So I took him up on that. And I went, and I watched late night TV being produced. And I mean, these guys are masters, that you know, what I loved about it is they started at 530 in the afternoon, and it’s 630 right on the dot. They were done. And they had a template and that template for late night television was built back when Johnny Carson and Steve Allen started the tonight show back in the 50s. And TV shows have created templates. So I started noticing these templates that television did and one of the things that they did that I Learn from and you should learn from scheduling they at 530 they start taping, they did it in front of a live audience. And it was consistency. And if they made great content, they could get sponsors. And they could get advertisers. And that’s how they made money from it. That was the model of television. And great content stayed on TV and content that wasn’t watched got cancelled. That was the model. Well, let’s look at the late night TV templates that we can use today. The templates that I was inspired from, number one, late night TV opens with a theme the Johnny Carson thing, the david letterman theme every late night TV show has a music opening thing. And then they usually do a monologue and then they have an audience guests or regular bits. You know, I remember I don’t know if you if you’re in America and remember Johnny Carson, but he had carnac David Letterman had Larry bud Melman, he had stupid pet tricks. He had the top 10 list. I mean, he had all these regular bits People love, then they came to expect, you can do the exact same thing. But you have to build a template. And then what they did, and in television every eight minutes or so they break for a word from their sponsor. That’s how they make money. So that’s, that’s a model of the template. And then they would have usually a couple of celebrity guests. And those guests were usually plugging something. And in fact, one of the things they did that, you know, it was interesting me back in the old days with Johnny Carson, there was a microphone sitting on his desk. Well, why that was, that was the microphone he was talking over. And even to this day, all the late night guys have a microphone setting on desk, you know, because that became the template. Most of them are not even using that microphone. They’re using lapel microphones. But the truth was, that became the template that people expected. Then they might have a musical comedian guest who was lucky if you got to set with Johnny. And then they play their theme out and the shows were either exactly 90 minutes or 60 minutes. That was that’s the template that has been been used for the last 50 years. So we as Internet audience, In Video marketing people can learn from building late night TV tower templates. For instance, my dot live template is my opening thing you just heard it, but it was my search term jingles. You Google Mike Stewart dot live, you’re going to find me. So repetition of this jingle helps people know how to tune me in. And then regularly skin’s scheduling. I’ve decided to readily schedule my shows on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 10am Central, and keep it to around half an hour. So now I’m not as strict as real television. But I’m going to do what I’m doing right now audio and video marketing thoughts and tips based on my experience, and based on what things that work for me. And then I want to have different expert guests. And I and on the first I’m honored to have my first expert guest Jeff herring, who’s in the green room right now and I’ll bring him out here in just a moment. But you know, and let them talk about audio and video and content marketing strategies that Everybody should know. And then, just like in regular television, I’m not going to do 100 commercials. But I’ve got to have a sponsor on every show. It’s my show. I could you know who the sponsor is going to be something I do something that you could do, and then have more tips from the guests. And then have audience q&a. I see there’s people here will get in the chat box, and you can submit a question and if you don’t submit a question, well then you watch the replay and you don’t get your question answered. So that’s the purpose coming up live. It’s great to have the energy and no one somebody is here live. And then you play the theme song out which is once again my search term jingle mic store dot live audio and video marketing. So that’s my that’s my format. And then like I said, it’s the SERP term jingle out. Now one other thing I wanted to show you and then I’m going to bring Jeff on is

Michael Stewart 8:51
one of the biggest moneymakers for you for me is my radio show or my podcast that I do with my partber Hal Coleman which by the way, how will probably be my next guest. We have built an authority by podcasting to the pest control industry. And this podcast because we were consistent. We’re up to Episode 90 right now. And I know some other folks. So like my good friend, Tom Antion, he started a podcast and he’s up to Episode 300. It’s the consistency and the regularity and using the internet to make this content marketing work. So, you know, I didn’t do one for myself. I mean, I’m guilty. I’m the first one to tell you, I procrastinated. And I knew how to do it. That wasn’t the example. So I’m forcing myself because of now having a live television show. But this was this is our podcast. And in fact, when I told how about this, look for Pest Control marketing dot live being launched in two weeks. But this was the exciting thing. You know, the reason I developed this dot live strategy that I’m doing is because I’m a musician, I’m here in Nashville hand if you see my gold record, hanging behind me That’s from Pac Man fever. And we tested creating a live stream, which we did with all of the members of the original band, we created a Kindle book. And because of the PR and the relationships that we built with our fans, you know, we got featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, about our book and about our live stream. All I’m saying is it made me realize, oh my gosh, this is not just a webinar where it’s just a slide and a voice. This was a television show, it was the ability for me to, to switch the camera, which like I can do this, I can make this mean bigger, I can switch back to the screen, I can do all I can put the screen full. In other words, that switching is what makes it like television. So I was telling some colleagues about now about a week after this happened, and they were going to create what was called click, which was basically a world Worldwide worldwide seminar, but because they can’t meet in person because of COVID they said we want to do it through zoom. Now, I don’t have anything against zoom or GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar or Webinar Jam or webinar geo. There’s lots of great products out there. I don’t have anything against them, but they’re not television. That’s and that’s what I shared with these guys. And it was amazing. People were like, how you doing this, it’s, it’s awesome. So it just made me realize the dot live concept works. And that’s something that you know, I’m said you know, not only am I going to teach it, I’m doing it myself. So any rate, so there you go, you can see the the dot live website, and if I refresh it, you can see I don’t want to hit the play button there. If I hit that play button you’d you’d hear an echo and a delay. But the main thing that is this is my television channel, Mike Stewart live, just like when I was a I used to watch David Letterman, he was on NBC. He was on 1130. Every night at 1130. He was either playing a live show, I mean, our show that was taped that day that was current, or maybe they played a rerun. But you know, there was no archiving, there was no TiVo back in those days, if you missed it, you had to wait till they ran a rerun. But the whole purpose of this is to get subscribers to my YouTube channel. But more importantly, surround people with links to my products, and build my email list. So that’s the purpose of live streaming that I see. So this is content marketing. This is based on the Gary Vaynerchuk content marketing model. And right now, I’m going to pull my screen out. And I’m going to introduce to you my friend, my colleague, one of the best content marketing teachers in the world, Mr. Jeff herring to the stage, Jeff,

Jeff Herring 12:52
how you doing, buddy? Doing well, sir, thank you. As you predicted, I’m honored and excited to be here. Especially to be your first guest, but you didn’t tell me I was gonna wind up a little dejected and sad.

Michael Stewart 13:06
Why is that?

Jeff Herring 13:07
Well, you were talking about the things that got you originally excited about this and, and you left something very important now.

Michael Stewart 13:14
Well, you know because this is live. Yeah, because

Jeff Herring 13:18
here’s what we’re gonna do take me off the screen for a minute. Okay.

Michael Stewart 13:21
All right. Take me off the screen for a minute. All right, yeah. All right now what do you want Jeff? All right. Oh, no wave when you want to come back.

Jeff Herring 13:50
Wasn’t that one of the things that got us excited way back in the beginning of all this.

Michael Stewart 13:54
You know, it was the fact that that young lady took her cell phone Sitting in her car, and she made a piece of content. Right, went viral. That’s right. And it proved, I mean, she had millions of views. And we got late night television. I mean, but you know, the thing is that’s not controllable and predictable. And, and it just showed the possibility of distribution. It showed the possibility of content that people can like and share. You know, I mean, I don’t know how many times people have asked me, can you help me with my social media? And I said, Well, what kind of media are you making? Is it worth being social?

Jeff Herring 14:35
media? and film? No, you need to know give Mike a hand here because he had no idea I was gonna do that.

Michael Stewart 14:43
Oh, absolutely. But that doesn’t matter. That’s what’s beautiful about this. This is meant to be entertaining, educational, informative, and it was. And it was it was, I mean, okay, what’s the significance of this shirt? You want it? You remember that, Jeff?

Jeff Herring 14:59
I know exactly. What the significance of that shirt is?

Michael Stewart 15:03
Well, the I’ll tell the story. This is the shirt I wore the day that Jeff walked on stage and spent money with me when I did

Jeff Herring 15:11
it Sunday morning in big seminar, there’s about 500 people there, you’re on stage, we’d met one sort of Tom Antion event. And because I remember your voice is starting to get a little choked, and I get a hand you a glass of water, and you’re like, how do you know because you were presenting? Well, you know. And so you are asking for a volunteer to create an audio on stage around your expertise, and you got to use your domain name and I’m thinking there’s 500 people in this room. I’m brand new. Oh, hell, yeah. I’m doing this and hardly anybody else was raising their hand. I thought they were nuts. I’m back there going.

Michael Stewart 15:48
Well, you know that the lesson there, Jeff is, is that we created content. we advertise products. I that was one of the most the day I wore the shirt was one of the most profitable days of my life. That day, it was it was it was amazing. And it all but you were an action taker. You were the guy that followed through with everything and that’s that’s one of the you know it’s like I’m sitting here talking about you know live streaming is a passion of mine and and I haven’t been doing it you know I bought a Meebo when I tried to use it it was it you know, it was advertised that it would do all these things and and I just don’t think you know, you know, I’ve done in front of my phone like this and Hey, it’s Mike Stewart and I’m live I’ve done music I’ve reported in and I’ll just be honest with you it’s very lonely to livestream like that it’s it’s a sweat

Jeff Herring 16:39
doing it. You get to bring people in or multiple people in and and talk with the folks over here I see Jean and Bill and Lynn and all kinds of folks over there.

Michael Stewart 16:49
Well, that’s what I’m saying is it’s we’ve got people from all over the world and and we’re able to interact with folks. And the big deal here is is that as Everything prior to now wasn’t television, it wasn’t a television template. It wasn’t the ability to have a format and it in the biggest thing that I love about it, and that’s what I want you to really get into detail about is repurposing content content marketing. I know that that content templates is your wheelhouse, and it’s what makes a great living for you. And, and the folks that are and for your students. Absolutely. And, and, of course, the whole purpose of this whole purpose of the mike Stewart dot live show or any other dialogue show that should be is build your audience, teach them something of value, entertain them, and then you have the right to, uh, you know, refer people to your sponsors. And the sponsor, in my case, are my own products, my own services, my own trainings, or by affiliate relationships. So Well, I’ll tell you what I’d like to write at this point. I’m gonna have a word from our sponsor, and when we come back, let’s dive in into the content repurposing that you’re doing with medium I’m sure people would love to hear about that I can put on and while you’re doing that,

Jeff Herring 18:07
the commercial

Michael Stewart 18:08
so So for right now, here’s a little word from our sponsor. Hey Mike Stewart here with the mike Stewart everything club today’s sponsor, you know it’s a way for you to own all of my products for one low monthly subscription price. You know, I looked at the Netflix model, they charge you a monthly fee and he gets you access to all they do from now on as long as you stay a paying member so you can go to the website Mike Stewart everything club calm and watch the video to learn more about it. But basically for 1997 a month, you’re gonna have access to podcasts install, mastering mobile video, instant video blogger. Easy follow up video, tablet video membership sites, to book things over 500 tracks of legal music using YouTube videos, sales videos and podcasts local domain reseller how to make money every month selling domains of hosting through GoDaddy and marketing wisdom from my partner how Coleman and myself with the next level Mark Getting workshop plus coming real soon, I’m going to be selling dot live secrets for 497. And as a current member of paid member, you’re going to have access to that as well. Plus a whole lot more in the works. And it’s all included with your monthly subscription to my storage everything club, so be sure to check us out. Mike Stewart everything

Jeff Herring 19:29
Well, we’re back. Alright, hats off. Because that that was pretty cool. That was pretty

Michael Stewart 19:35
well, you know, it’s based on the television template. This is not a webinar. This is not this is kind of a webinar but no, this is a television show. And and the thing that’s, that’s exciting to me now, is it works.

Jeff Herring 19:52
You can have unlimited audience. So I mean, I’m starting to build my audience and one of the things that everybody here should get people to subscribe to YouTube. Have channels subscribed to your Facebook feed, but more importantly, learn your location or your channel and your broadcast time. So let me bring up your screen here, Jeff, or do you want to talk about a little bit about content marketing and medium first, you can go ahead and bring it up. And we can use that as a vehicle. Because she wanted my jobs. For the 13 years, I’ve been doing this full time as a content creator, because everything’s based on content. I remember one of the very first times I spoke in public at an internet convention about content, the promoter pulled me aside and said, You know, my whole business is built around content. And I said, Well, yeah, I know. They’re like, how did you know that all my staff is sworn to secrecy. There’s, there’s non disclosure agreements who don’t have to fire and I was like, calm down. Everybody’s business is built around content. And the promoter said, Well, I know that but I just keep it a secret. And I said, Well, I don’t you know, I’m out here as a content, evangelical, I guess, you know, look at For the places the best places for you to put your content for you to publish and repurpose your content. And years ago, it was easy in articles and that was good, but it faded. And, and so we’ve been playing around searching for one for years and, and 10 models and one of my students, it’s now a business partner came to me, beginning of the year and said, if you’ve seen what they’re doing over at medium, I said, Well, no, I played around with it for a while. And then, you know, you’ve kind of went away from it. What are they doing? They said, well, they’re paying you to promote your content. I said, Alright, let’s hop on a call and tell me more about this. And I said, Okay, I want you to come in. I invited him into the mastermind. He was he was already one of my mastermind, students. I said, I want you to present this to everybody. And he did and then had to run go pick up a kid and they were all saying Timmy to do a course Tim needs to do a course. And I told him that later and he goes, really do I need to do a course. Are you serious? And I said let me tell you how serious I am. Tim I said if you don’t, I will Because that’s as I saw the potential there. And so we partnered together to do this. And folks, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to imagine if somebody took the best of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, rolled them all into one created a huge platform and authority site platform where you could promote your content and get in front of your ideal, perfect audience. That’s what medium is. Now, let me sweeten that just a little bit. We ought to be doing that stuff anyway, creating content, getting it out there to promote our business. Guess what medium pays you to do it. So they pay you for what you’re already doing. Okay? So it’s amazing. And what you’re looking at here is the platform of medium and this is my particular profile. Every single person gets one like this and we show you how to optimize it. But what you see here is is a picture stolen from my favorite Christmas shot from this past year. And then here is your little profile 160 characters kind of reminds you of Twitter. Well, this was started by one of the same guy that started Twitter. But notice struggling struggling with creating content. I provide tools, templates and strategies to make content creation easy. No variance necessary. Get 21 fresh content ideas calm. So that’s a live link. So Mike, the cool thing is, before they’re ever even looking at my content, they’re joining my community. I’m list building here. I’m building an audience here. Now as you scroll down, this looks a lot different than some of the old platforms. This looks like. Excuse me a blog. In fact, this is going to be my blog on my new website, and you get to have a featured story. Okay, and we Teach that you kind of tell your origin story. And mine is how I traded my couch for a mouse because I used to be a counseling psychologist, and then you’ve got the latest. Okay? So on and on it goes.

Jeff Herring 24:14
And let me

Jeff Herring 24:16
let me refresh that. Because there it is. There’s, this is the one, this latest from this morning. consistent content creation. The cool thing is you could talk about other stuff over here that you’re into to here’s problem solving your next argument. And on and on it goes. So by sending people to this link, now I’ve got a separate link that I forward they’re called columns by Jeff calm or stories by Jeff calm in conversation and interviews. You can send people here easily, and they can consume all your content that drives them, to your OPT in pages to your profit pages, etc, etc. And you’ve noticed to hear now me smiling back up the last month that there were statistics for here’s, here’s how many unique visitors medium received, because they’re in the top 100 on the the traffic measuring place called al XA comm I don’t want to say the word or mine will start playing there in the top 100 and they got the last month there’s records for 106.71 million unique views that month. Okay, so you’re getting in front of that many people with your content and getting paid for it. They also have something over there called publications, where people start publications either in your niche or, or one that includes your niche, and you can get in front of a brand new audience and you’ve got an instant audience. The one that is tearing it up over there is called illumination. It is the fastest growing one in just three months. They they broke 15,000 this morning. So you’ve got an instant audience of 15,000 people interested in your stuff. Okay? So every day that I post something new here, I’m getting more people watching more people listening, more people viewing now, I said something really important there. I said watching and viewing. Did you catch that mic? Yeah, yeah. Okay. That means that you cannot only put your content up here your text up here your articles or columns, if you will, you can put your audios you can put your podcast you can put those of you that have YouTube videos, we teach you how to put every single one over here and tell a story around it to drive more traffic. And you can do a mix. You can do a audio with with text, you can do a video with text. There’s just so much you can do. Kim and I like to think of it. This is great. big giant marketing onion, that every day we peel back a little bit more and bring it to our students.

Michael Stewart 27:07
You know, it’s amazing how time flies when there’s so much stuff you want to talk about, I’m gonna have to have you come back and have been a guest again on the show. Because I think what we need to do right now is maybe see if there’s any questions, and then talk about if people want to get more information from you and maybe see what you’ve got going on and

Jeff Herring 27:24
just call a PAL and tell him he’s out tomorrow or next week, and I’ll do the next.

Michael Stewart 27:29
Well, I probably wouldn’t do that. But I said that, I’ll be glad to tell him you said that. So, right now, folks, we’ve got another five or six minutes on the show here before we got a caller today because you know, one of the things we you know, I learned this from Jeff, I respect your time you could have been a lot of places but you chose to be here live. So we want to respect your time on these morning shows. We don’t want to run too long. There is a button below this video that goes to this link to where you can Get a whole lot more information on what Jeff’s talking about. I mean, when I met Jeff, he was doing evening articles. And now you have just exploded it and gotten excited with repurposing content. In fact, I’m going to be repurposing these Mike Stewart live shows on medium that’s going to be the reason I’m doing it. When I get done with a show. It’s on my website. It’s already on Facebook. It’s in YouTube. But more importantly, I can repurpose it in a multitude places. Get it transcribed, you name it. So this is your chance. If you got any questions.

Jeff Herring 28:33
Comment, Philbrick field comment.

Michael Stewart 28:36
All right, we’ll find it here. Um, I’m looking for it. This one?

Jeff Herring 28:43
The first one that one down towards the bottom right next to Lindsay’s.

Michael Stewart 28:49
Let’s see here. Okay.

Jeff Herring 28:51
Yep. Jeff and Tim’s medium courses like studying marketing, paleontology. The layers are endless. That’s a new one.

Michael Stewart 29:00
Questions, guys. All right. Well, here’s a good one from a doctor, Bill. Good to see you here. Dr. Bill. He’s one of my best friends and clients and you talk about somebody who is an action taker.

Jeff Herring 29:12
How do you sign up for medium? It’s pretty tough bill, you go to medium COMM And you sign up in the upper right hand corner, there’s two choices, there is a free version, okay, for which you’ll be able to view like five or six articles a month. And then there is a paid version to which the whole entire universe of medium opens up to you. And it is a whopping $5. Okay. So and we don’t i don’t get anything from that. It all goes into medium. However, the first thing we teach our students is how to structure their content. So the first thing they do every month is make that $5 back and then make a whole lot more from there. We’ll look at that. The The man the myth the legend Daniel Hall.

Michael Stewart 30:02
Yes Daniel Daniel needs to be a guest on here talking about all the crazy stuff we’re doing. I love this question. You’re gonna love this. Why stop with Jeff now this is getting great. Well you know why because television sticks to a schedule.

Jeff Herring 30:18
Pay Pal your your your payment later.

Michael Stewart 30:21
You know I you know I tell you how you don’t have to stop with Jeff. You go to content cash created farm slash micro, you click the link right under this video right now. And you do you will get more Jeff than you can imagine. He’s right. Right right now. Right under here, right under here. Right on here. There should be a big red button and it appears magically during the show

Jeff Herring 30:44
Morgan Freeman says on that great Facebook mean he’s right you know.

Michael Stewart 30:50
So folks, you know, this, this is great. I tell you what, you know, what I want to recommend you do is you subscribe to the email. lists of Jeff and me if you’re not already there, you subscribe to our podcasts. you subscribe to our YouTube channels. In other words, you connect with us in a multitude of ways. You follow us on Facebook. A probably should do Instagram I’m guilty of not doing Instagram. I know a lot of people are all about Instagram, but the thing is, as Gary Vee says, make pillar content. Oh my goodness. This guy I love it here. Here’s wall Gifford one of my best buddies in the world. You know, I know all this time is not great for you 330 in the morning, but he shows up thank you all you’re just a trooper and

Jeff Herring 31:39
everybody’s excuses. It’s 330 there folks. Come on

Michael Stewart 31:42
he’s so So the thing is keep it keep it concise. regular schedule it. I mean, I love this interactivity. I love having people. Sorry. Well, I’m not gonna post that. Any Right, right. Oh, Lindsay asked, What is the site that has 15,000 views?

Jeff Herring 32:04
Oh, that’s that’s a publication on medium called illumination. Get in the course, Lindsay and I’ll show you exactly how to get in there. We’ll get you in there and get started.

Michael Stewart 32:15
And I know this name. Thank you, Lynn for that. That’s not a question. But, but I’ll tell I’ll take the kudos. Because here’s what I want to do is I’m going to regularly share this with people share Mike Stewart dot live. We just were setting up Jeff herring dot live. And the whole purpose of this is to build an audience now we’re already two we’re already three minutes over. I was going to try to keep these at a half an hour. But Jeff, do you as you like to say Do you have any final words that you want to share with folks before we close the end of the show?

Jeff Herring 32:47
I like that better because you used to say last words I’m like Geez, I don’t like that. I’m consistent content creation, raises all your boats, consistent content creation. does everything you need online. So get on over to content, cash creative comm forward slash Mike, let us show you how to master medium. And I’m telling you, it will change your business. And it will change your life as it has for hundreds of students

Michael Stewart 33:15
already. Thanks so much. I, you know, we’re we’re inventing as we go. But like I said, you know, you can learn from what others have done from success. This is modeled after late night television. And this was a television show, and I’m so proud and honored to have you as my first guest. And

Jeff Herring 33:34
you promised me to be here and we’ll come back. And you know, like Barry said, we ought to kick out next week and, or next time and come back. But yeah, I’ll do some more. We’ll come through. So now you know what, by the time we schedule that, we’ll know even more about the power of medium and we’ll teach you that too.

Michael Stewart 33:54
All right. So everybody, have a great day. Be sure to tune in to Mike store dot live, I’m sure Jeff Harris. Got live is going to be happening real soon. Share us with your friends everywhere. And if you have any questions, you can actually go to Mike Stewart dot live and submit questions for future shows. But you know what if you can make it 10am Central Time, second and fourth Monday of every month, I will be here with another expert and we will have hopefully a productive 30 or 35 minutes with you. And with that, I’m going to say bye

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